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1. Visit

2. Select “Datasets in ISSDA” at the top of the page:

3. Identify the dataset(s) of interest. You can find a complete list of available data here:

4. Download the relevant application form (Research Purposes or Teaching Purposes)

  • Scroll down to the section “What can I use the datasets for
  • In the paragraph titled “Research/Educational Purposes” click on the “ISSDA Data Request Form for Research Purposes” link to download data request form for Research Purposes.

  • There is a separate request form for teaching purposes, and you can find this on the individual dataset pages, where applicable.

5. Complete all sections of the form. Sign the END User License by digital signature or by inserting a small image of your signature onto the form.

6. Email your completed application to

7. The approval process will take about one week to complete.

8. Upon access approval, you will receive two emails:

  • Email #1: The first email will contain a link to download the data.
  • Email #2: The second email will contain a password to use to open the data files once downloaded.

9. Once the datafiles have been downloaded, you will be able to open a folder containing the datasets requested.

  • Example below shows both raw and Harmonized datasets were requested.


10. Enter password provided to open data files.

*Please note that while these instructions provide a general overview of the process to access TILDA data via the Study Website, the exact steps and interface may vary slightly.

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