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The Gateway to Global Aging Data Enclave is a secure remote-access computing desktop hosted on the National Institute on Aging's LINKAGE platform. Through the Enclave, users are provided access to the Gateway's Harmonized data products and original survey data. The Enclave also provides users with analytic packages like R, SAS, and Stata and productivity software like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Notepad++.

Enclave Access

To apply for Enclave access, researchers must first create a Gateway user account and then fill out an Application for a Gateway Enclave Workspace.

Data may not be exported from the Enclave. Users may only export statistical summaries (i.e. frequency tabulations, means, variances, regression coefficients, etc.) and analysis programs. All output will be monitored and approved by a Gateway compliance officer prior to download.

Data Available in the Enclave

The following data files are currently available in the Gateway Enclave. Updated and new files will be added over time. Researchers may upload external data to their Enclave workspace.

Health and Retirement Study (HRS)

  • Harmonized HRS
  • Harmonized HRS End of Life
  • Harmonized HRS COVID
  • 2002-20 Core HRS Interview

English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA)

  • Harmonized ELSA
  • Harmonized ELSA End of Life
  • Harmonized ELSA Life History
  • Harmonized ELSA-HCAP
  • Harmonized ELSA COVID
  • 2002-19 Core ELSA Interview

Longitudinal Aging Study in India (LASI)

  • Harmonized LASI
  • Harmonized LASI-DAD
  • 2017-19 Core LASI Interview
  • 2020-22 LASI-DAD Interview

Chilean Social Protection Survey (SPS)

  • 2017-18 Core SPS Interview
  • 2019 Chile-Cog Interview

Northern Ireland Cohort for the Longitudinal Study of Ageing (NICOLA)

  • 2013-19 Core NICOLA Interview
Example Code for Merging Data in Stata

Merging Harmonized Data with Household-Level Original Survey Data

Load Harmonized LASI
use "filepath\H_LASI_a3.dta"
Merge LASI household survey data
merge m:1 hhid using "filepath\lasi_w1b_hh.dta"

Merging Harmonized Core Data with Harmonized End of Life Data

Load Harmonized HRS
use "filepath\H_HRS_d.dta"
Merge Harmonized HRS End of Life
merge 1:1 hhidpn using "filepath\H_HRS_EOL_a.dta"

Appending Harmonized Data from Multiple Countries

Load Harmonized ELSA
use "filepath\H_ELSA_g3.dta"
Append Harmonized LASI
append using "filepath\H_LASI_a3.dta"

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