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1. Visit

2. Select the “Data” tab at the top of the page.

3. Scroll down to the section “(1) Application and Confirmation Forms Prior to Approval”.

4. Download the following forms:

  • (1) Application Form for Use of Confidential Datasets
  • (2) Confirmation Form to Verify User’s Understanding of Confidentiality Protection Issues

The Gateway provides some additional instructions for how to find information requested for “Location of use”- include the identification codes, numbers, etc. of the PCs and other devices to be used, in the JSTAR application:

5. Sign and email PDF(s) to

6. You will then receive an email from the JSTAR team confirming receipt of your application forms. Their internal committee will review the paperwork for approval, which normally takes a few weeks or up to several months.

7. Once your application is accepted and permission is granted, they will send two emails:

  • Email #1: The first email will contain a link to download the data
  • Email #2: Password to download the data

8. Use the password to open and download the datasets, including the survey data and the Harmonized JSTAR dataset.

*Please note that while these instructions provide a general overview of the process to access Harmonized JSTAR data via the Study Website, the exact steps and interface may vary slightly.

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