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The RAND HRS Family data is a user-friendly version of HRS Family data and is provided by the RAND Corporation. The data contain a cleaned, processed, and streamlined collection of variables related to the Respondent’s family but not included in the RAND HRS. These metadata refer to the Respondent File of the RAND HRS Family data which is respondent-level like all other Harmonized datasets. RAND also produces a Respondent-Kid File which kid-level and is not included here but provides information for each individual level child of all respondents. Documentation for each variable in RAND HRS Family, including a description of its creation, the HRS variables used, and descriptive statistics, is detailed in the RAND HRS Family codebook.

Section 6A: Demographics and Identifiers
Section 6B: Kid Transfer to Respondent
Section 6C: Kid Transfer from Respondent
Section 6D: Parents Variables
Section 6E: Sibling Variables
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