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The RAND HRS Longitudinal File is a cleaned and easy-to-use version of data from 15 waves of the Health and Retirement Study data and is produced by the RAND Corporation. It includes seven entry cohorts: (1) the original 1992 Health and Retirement Study (HRS) cohort; (2) the 1993 Study of Assets and Health Dynamics (AHEAD) cohort; the (3) Children of Depression and the (4) War Baby cohorts entering in 1998; the (5) the Early Baby Boomer cohort entering in 2004; the (6) Mid Baby Boomer cohort entering in 2010; and the (7) Late Baby Boomer cohort entering in 2016. Documentation for each variable in RAND HRS, including a description of its creation, the HRS variables used, and descriptive statistics, is detailed in the RAND HRS codebook.

Section A: Demographics, Identifiers, and Weights
Section B: Health
Section C: Functional Limitations and Helpers
Section D: Financial and Housing Wealth
Section E: Income
Section F: Social Security
Section G: Pension
Section H: Health Insurance
Section I: Family Structure
Section J: Retirement Plans, Expectations
Section K: Employment History
Section L: Leave Behind Psycho-Social Questionnaire
Section Q: Psychosocial
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