SHARELIFE is the third wave of data collection for SHARE, which focuses on people's life histories. Most of the information collected in waves 1 & 2 was about the circumstances of respondents' lives from the time on they were first interviewed for SHARE. Apart from younger spouses, SHARE respondents were all 50 years or older at the time of their first interview. As a result, we know little about what happened earlier in their lives. SHARELIFE gathered more detailed information on important areas of our respondents' lives, ranging from partners and children over housing and work history to detailed questions on health and health care. This study thus complements the SHARE panel data by providing life history information to enhance our understanding of how early life experiences and events throughout life influence the circumstances of older people. With this variety SHARELIFE constitutes a unique cross-national, interdisciplinary database for research in the fields of sociology, economics, gerontology, and demography.

Module Name Description
CV. Coversheet Coversheet module of SHARELIFE (2008)
RC. Children Children module of SHARELIFE (2008)
RP. Partner Partner module of SHARELIFE (2008)
AC. Accomodations Accomodations module of SHARELIFE (2008)
CS. Childhood SES Childhood SES module of SHARELIFE (2008)
RE. Education Education module of SHARELIFE (2008)
WQ. Work Work module of SHARELIFE (2008)
DQ. Disability Disability module of SHARELIFE (2008)
FS. Finances Finances module of SHARELIFE (2008)
HS. Health Health module of SHARELIFE (2008)
HC. Healthcare Healthcare module of SHARELIFE (2008)
GL. General Life General Life module of SHARELIFE (2008)
GS. Grip Strength Grip Strength module of SHARELIFE (2008)
IV. Interviewer Observations Interviewer Observations module of SHARELIFE (2008)
XT. End-of-Life Interview End-of-Life Interview module of SHARELIFE (2008)

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