TILDA pilot

TILDA Pilot 1 - a longitudinal community based study which is cross-institutional. All participants (minimum 10,000) will be 55 years and over and will have detailed social, economic and health assessments at Wave 1 and 5 and 10 years later, Waves 2 and 3. Participants will be drawn randomly from across southern Ireland and, in addition to survey and physical examination, will have blood tests for routine analysis and genetic analysis - all of which will be anonymised according to standard criteria set out by the Medical Research Council. TILDA will mirror the methodology of the US Health and Retirement Survey and the English Longitudinal Study on Ageing.

name description
base demographics Base module: DM. Demographics
base physicalhealth Base module: PH. Physical & Cognitive health
base coverscreen Base module: CS. Coverscreen
base physical_and_cognitive_health Base module: PH. Physical & Cognitive health
demographics DM_schooling DM. Demographics: Schooling
demographics DM_childhood DM. Demographics: Childhood
demographics DM_migration DM. Demographics: Migration History
demographics DM_religion DM. Demographics: Religion
base helpers Base module: FL. I(ADL) & Helpers
helpers FL_difficulties FL. I(ADL) & Helpers: Difficulties with Activities of Daily Life
helpers FL_helpers FL. I(ADL) & Helpers: Helpers
physicalhealth PH_overall PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Overall health and functional limitations
physicalhealth PH_eyesight PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Eyesight
physicalhealth PH_hearing PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Hearing
physicalhealth PH_smell PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Smell
physicalhealth PH_taste PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Taste
physicalhealth PH_memory PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Memory
physical_and_cognitive_health PH_heartdisease PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Heart disease section
physicalhealth PH_hearthdisease PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Hearth disease section
physicalhealth PH_chronicconditions PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Other chronic conditions
physicalhealth PH_fallssection PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Falls/Fracture section
physicalhealth PH_fearfalling PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Fear of falling
physicalhealth PH_steadiness PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Steadiness
physicalhealth PH_painsection PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Pain section
physicalhealth PH_oralhealth PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Oral health section
physicalhealth PH_incontinencesection PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Incontinence section
physicalhealth PH_medicaltests PH. Physical & Cognitive health: Medical tests
base preload Base module: Preload
base healthcare_utilization Base module: HU. Healthcare Utilization
base mental_health Base module: MH. Mental Health
mental_health depression MH. Mental Health: Depression
mental_health satisfaction MH. Mental Health: Satisfaction
base employment_situation Base module: WE. Employment Situation
employment_situation current_activity_status WE. Employment Situation: Current Activity Status
employment_situation job_description WE. Employment Situation: Job Description
employment_situation wages WE. Employment Situation: Wages
employment_situation working_conditions WE. Employment Situation: Working Conditions
employment_situation second_job WE. Employment Situation: Second Job
employment_situation self_employed WE. Employment Situation: Self Employed
employment_situation self_employed_farming WE. Employment Situation: Self-Employed - Farming
employment_situation unemployed WE. Employment Situation: Unemployed
employment_situation permanently_sick_disabled WE. Employment Situation: Permanently Sick or Disabled
employment_situation retired WE. Employment Situation: Retired
base job_history Base module: JH. Job History
base lifelong_learning Base module: LE. Lifelong Learning
base planning_for_retirement Base module: WR. Planning for Retirement
planning_for_retirement occupational_pension WR. Planning for Retirement: Planning for Retirement - Occupational Pension
planning_for_retirement public_sector_pension WR. Planning for Retirement: Planning for Retirement - Public Sector Pension
planning_for_retirement PRSA WR. Planning for Retirement: Planning for Retirement - PRSA
planning_for_retirement personal_pension_plan WR. Planning for Retirement: Planning for Retirement - Personal Pension Plan
base behavioral_health Base module: BH. Behavioral Health
behavioral_health smoking BH. Behavioral Health: Smoking
behavioral_health exercise_section BH. Behavioral Health: Exercise Section
behavioral_health sleep_section BH. Behavioral Health: Sleep Section
base transfers_to_parents Base module: TP. Transfers to Parents
transfers_to_parents Financial_help_to_parents TP. Transfers to Parents: Financial Help to Parents
transfers_to_parents nonfinancial_help_to_parents TP. Transfers to Parents: Non-Financial Help to Parents
transfers_to_parents financial_asst_recd_from_parents TP. Transfers to Parents: Financial Assistance Received From Parents
base transfers_to_children Base module: TC. Transfers to Children
transfers_to_children financial_asst_given_to_children TC. Transfers to Children: Financial Assistance Given to Children
transfers_to_children nonfinancial_asst_given_to_children TC. Transfers to Children: Non-Financial Assistance Given to Children
transfers_to_children financial_asst_recd TC. Transfers to Children: Financial Assistance Received
transfers_to_children nonfinancial_asst_recd TC. Transfers to Children: Non-Financial Assistance Received
transfers_to_children other_relatives TC. Transfers to Children: Other Relatives
transfers_to_children friends_and_neighbours TC. Transfers to Children: Friends and Neighbours
base social_connectedness Base module: CN. Social Connectedness
base sources_of_income Base module: SI. Sources of Income
sources_of_income income_occupational_pensions SI. Sources of Income: Income From Occupational Pensions
sources_of_income income_private_pensions_annuities SI. Sources of Income: Income From Private Pensions or Annuities
sources_of_income income_individual_state_benefits SI. Sources of Income: Income From Individual State Benefits
sources_of_income income_family_benefits SI. Sources of Income: Income From Family Benefits
sources_of_income other_sources_of_income SI. Sources of Income: Other Sources of Income
base house_ownership Base module: HW. House Ownership
base other_assets Base module: AS. Other Assets
base expectations Base module: EX. Expectations
base medications Base module: MD. Medications
base health_assessment Base module: HA. Health Assessment
base brackets Base module: Brackets
transfers_to_children children TC. Transfers to Children: Children
base self_completion Base module: SC. Self-Completion Questionnaire
Start of TILDA pilot
End of TILDA pilot