Wave 1: Northern Ireland Cohort for the Longitudinal Study of Ageing

name description
CS. Coverscreen Module CS Coverscreen of NICOLA
DM. Demographics Module DM. Demographics of NICOLA
TC. Transfers to Children Module TC. Transfers to children of NICOLA
PH. Physical and Cognitive Health Module PH. Physical and Cognitive Health of NICOLA
FL. IADL & Helpers Module FL. IADL & Helpers of NICOLA
WE. Employment Situation Module Employment Situation of NICOLA
HU. Healthcare Utilisation Module HU. Healthcare Utilisation of NICOLA
BH. Behavioural Health Module BH. Behavioural Health of NICOLA
MD. Medications Module MD. Medications of NICOLA
WP. Work and Pensions Module WP. Work and Pensions of NICOLA
CN. Social Connectedness Module CN. Social Connectedness of NICOLA
IA. Income and Assests Module IA. Income and Assests of NICOLA
SP. Social Participation Module SP. Social Participation of NICOLA
SC. Social Capital Module SC. Social Capital of NICOLA