Adulthood Health and Disease History

Adulthood Health and Disease History: Study Concordance Overview


Age 15 to now Age 16 to now Age 16 to now
Physical injury that limited daily life? When injured? N/A X X X
What type of injury? N/A X X X
Was injury work related? N/A N/A N/A X
Ever hospitalized or confined to bed for > 1 month? X X X X
Hospitalized for more than 3 times in a 12 month period? X X X X
Ever experience chest pain? N/A N/A N/A X
Any period of ill health or disability that influenced daily life for 1+ year? N/A X X X
How many periods? N/A X, how old were you X, year started/stopped? helped by friends/family (cost,care) X, have you been diagnosed in the past 2 years
Back pain N/A X X N/A
Arthritis N/A X X X
Osteoporosis N/A X X N/A
Angina or heart attack N/A X X X
Heart disease N/A X X X
Diabetes or high blood sugar N/A X X X
Stroke N/A X X X
Asthma N/A X X X
Respiratory problems N/A X X X
Severe headaches or migraines N/A X X N/A
Leukemia or lymphoma N/A X X N/A
Cancer or malignant tumor N/A X X X
Emotional, nervous, or psychiatric problem N/A X X X
Fatigue, e.g. with me, ms N/A X X N/A
Gynacological problems N/A X X N/A
Eyesight problems N/A X X X
Shingles N/A X X N/A
Mumps N/A X X N/A
Allergies (other than asthma) N/A X X N/A
Dyslipidemia N/A N/A N/A X
Hypertension N/A N/A N/A X
Liver and kidney disease N/A N/A N/A X
How did you know you had the disability/illness? N/A N/A N/A X
X: available, N/A: not available