Childhood Health and Disease History

Childhood Health and Disease History: Study Concordance Overview


Before age 16 Before age 15 What year? Before age 15 When: 0-5/6-11/11-15 Before age 15
Rating of health (excellent, very good, good, fair, poor) X X X X
Confined to bed X, 1+ month X X X
Miss extended school time X, 1+ month X, 1+ month X X
Sports/physical activity restricted X X N/A N/A
Measles X X X N/A
Mumps X X X N/A
Chicken pox X X X N/A
Scarlet fever N/A N/A X N/A
Diptheria N/A N/A X N/A
Polio N/A N/A X N/A
Asthma X X* X* N/A
Respiratory problems (other than asthma) X X* X* N/A
Allergies (other than asthma) X X* X* N/A
Severe diarrhea N/A N/A X* N/A
Meningitis/encephalitis N/A N/A X N/A
Chronic ear problems X X* X* N/A
Speech impairment X N/A X N/A
Difficulty seeing even with eyeglasses X N/A X N/A
Stomach problems X N/A N/A N/A
High blood pressure X N/A N/A N/A
Depression X N/A N/A N/A
Drug/alcohol problems X N/A N/A N/A
Other emotional or psychological problems X N/A X* N/A
Concussions X N/A N/A N/A
Severe headaches or migraines X X* X* N/A
Epilepsy, fits, seizures X X* X* N/A
Emotional, nervous, or psychiatric problem X X* X* N/A
Broken bones, fractures N/A X X N/A
Appendicitis N/A X X N/A
Childhood diabetes or high blood sugar X X X N/A
Heart trouble X X X N/A
Leukemia or lymphoma N/A X X N/A
Cancer or malignant tumor X X X N/A
Childhood disability N/A X X N/A
Childhood vaccinations N/A N/A X N/A
Reasons for no childhood vaccinations N/A N/A X N/A
Regular dental visits in childhood N/A N/A X X, year
X: available, N/A: not available, *: Did it last (reoccur) 1+ years?