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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Where do I download the data?
  • I can't find the aging study I am interested in on the Gateway. What studies do you include?
  • How can I access a Harmonized dataset?
  • Do you provide Harmonized data in formats other than Stata?
  • I am interested in using a study which I see on the Gateway but I don't see a Harmonized version of this study. What studies do you Harmonize?
  • Can the Gateway provide me code for a statistical package other than Stata (e.g. SAS or SPSS)?
  • The Stata code I downloaded from the Gateway uses different file names than the data I have. Why is this?

Instructions for Commons Tasks

  • Search for relevant survey items
  • Browsing for relevant survey items
  • Indicate the location of survey data to create analysis data
  • Create an analysis dataset

If you are new to using the Gateway to Global Aging Data, check out our recent webinar video.

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