About us

What We Do
  • Record metedata from international health and retirement survey questionnaires
  • Catalog metadata by survey and year for browsing
  • Index metadata with an intuitive search 
  • Produce internationally Harmonized datasets
  • Allow users to generate interactive graphs and tables using survey data
You can download our brochure by clicking here and our poster by clicking here

Who We Are
The Gateway to Global Aging Data is developed and maintained by the Program on Global Aging, Health, and Policy, the USC Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research.

Marco Angrisani, Economist 
Sandy Chien, Senior Programmer
Urvashi Jain, Ph.D Candidate 
Jinkook Lee, Senior Economist and  Director 
Ashely Lin, Programmer 
Erik Meijer, Senior Economist 
Joohong Min, Post-Doctoral Researcher 
Adrian Montero, Senior Programmer
Drystan Phillips, Assistant Director, 
Michael Moldoff, Senior Programmer
Bas Weerman, Information Technology Director

Contact Us
Mailing address:
Program on Global Aging, Health and Policy
635 Downey Way, VPD, 
Los Angeles, CA 90089