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Harmonized life histories and childhood conditions from SHARE and ELSA
Oct 29, 2020
Several studies have collected data on the past events and circumstances in a respondent's life using life history interviews. These data have organized and made comparable in the Harmonized SHARE & ELSA Life History data.
by Dr. Morten Wahrendorf & Dr. Christian Deindl
2020 Gateway to Global Aging Data Virtual Meeting Updates
Oct 15, 2020
The Gateway team hosted a virtual Gateway to Global Aging Project Meeting with collaborators from across the globe to provide updates on current projects and discuss new innovations for the next project cycle.
by Codi Young
A brief introduction to the Harmonized HRS End-of-Life Dataset
Oct 1, 2020
The Harmonized HRS EoL data file presents multiple exploration advantages for researchers. This blog post addresses two of these merits. 1) promote usability for researchers and individuals who aim to explore the exit interview, 2) help the user to conduct comparative analyses across the HRS Family of Surveys.
by Hannah Bae
The Longitudinal Aging Study in India-Diagnostic Assessment of Dementia (LASI-DAD)
Sep 17, 2020
Global efforts in studying Alzheimer’s and other dementias are paramount due to the increase in life expectancy around the world. With this growth in the older population, LASI-DAD becomes vital to better understand risk factors contributing to late-life cognitive decline.
by Sarah Ritz
Gateway to Global Aging Data: User Survey Results
Sep 2, 2020
As some of you may know, the Gateway to Global Aging Data recently conducted a survey of our users, asking them about their experience with our website and data products. Here, we take a look at the results & attempt to use this invaluable information to chart our future course of action.
by Jenny Wilkens
Global Expansion of the HRS Family of Surveys
Aug 6, 2020
Due to the innovations and success of the study, the HRS has served as a model for sister studies around the world. As of 2017, the Health & Retirement Study and its international sister studies have conducted nearly 1.1 million interviews in 44 countries.
by Hunter Green
HCAP Comparison
June 17, 2020
We explore how the Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocol (HCAP) was designed to leverage the HRS-family of studies to assess dementia risk and cognitive function in countries like USA, India, Mexico, England, and China.
by Codi Young

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