PTRACK. Person Tracking

Person level tracking information includes person identifier, household identifier, whether still in this household, weight, whether respondent for other modules.

Label Type Description
PTRACK_HHID07 Question 2007 Household ID
PTRACK_PID07 Question 2007 Person ID within household
PTRACK_PIDLINK Question 2007 Person ID
PTRACK_AGE_00 Question age of resp in 2000 (constructed)
PTRACK_AGE_07 Question age of resp in 2007 (constructed)
PTRACK_AGE_93 Question Age of Resp in 1993 (constructed)
PTRACK_AGE_97 Question Age of Resp in 1997 (constructed)
PTRACK_AR01A_00 Question 00: Is person member of HH?
PTRACK_AR01A_07 Question Is HH member still live in this household
PTRACK_AR01A_97 Question 97: Is person member of HH?
PTRACK_AR01B_00 Question 00: Tracking status
PTRACK_AR01B_07 Question Tracking Status
PTRACK_AR01B_97 Question 97: Track respond? (Preprinted in IFLS2)
PTRACK_AR01I_00 Question 00: Status of interview
PTRACK_AR01I_07 Question Status of interview
PTRACK_AR02B_00 Question 00: Relation to HH Head
PTRACK_AR02B_07 Question Relation to HH Head (2000)
PTRACK_AR02_07 Question Relation to HH Head in the last interviewed
PTRACK_AR02_93 Question 93: Relation to HH Head
PTRACK_AR02_97 Question 97: Relation to HH head (=ar02b in AR1)
PTRACK_BTH_DAY Question Birth day - (constructed) (07)
PTRACK_BTH_MNTH Question Birth month - (constructed) (07)
PTRACK_BTH_YEAR Question Birth year - (constructed) (07)
PTRACK_CALIVE07 Question contacted alive in
PTRACK_CASE Question 1993 HHID (numeric)
PTRACK_COV8B5 Question Relation to child
PTRACK_DIED07 Question died between 2000 and
PTRACK_FORMT2 Question pidlink has 2000 T2 tracking form
PTRACK_HHID00 Question 2000 Household ID
PTRACK_HHID93 Question 93: HH identifier
PTRACK_HHID97 Question 97: HH identifier
PTRACK_HHID98 Question HHID (from field)
PTRACK_HWT93 Question 93: HH weight =HHWT224 in IFLS1
PTRACK_MEMBER00 Question Current resident of HH (00)
PTRACK_MEMBER07 Question current resident of HH (07)
PTRACK_MEMBER93 Question Current resident of HH (93)
PTRACK_MEMBER97 Question Current resident of HH (97)
PTRACK_MEMBER98 Question Current resident of HH (98)
PTRACK_MRESP07 Question main respondent
PTRACK_MRSP9307 Question HHM interviewed in
PTRACK_MSRD07 Question measured in
PTRACK_MSRD9307 Question HHM measured in
PTRACK_P939700L Question 00 Long. perwt 93 MAIN resp. 97/00
PTRACK_P939700U Question 00 Hlth assess. long. per. wgt
PTRACK_PID00 Question 00: Person identifier
PTRACK_PID93 Question 93: Person identifier
PTRACK_PID97 Question 97: Person identifier
PTRACK_PID98 Question 98: Person identifier
PTRACK_PW00USXA Question 00 Xsct. perwt-hlth ass.(lgt wo msrd 97)
PTRACK_PW07USX Question IFLS4 person cross-section US weight w/o attrition correction
PTRACK_PW00USXB Question 00 Xsct. perwt-hlth ass.(lgt w msrd 97)
PTRACK_PW07USXA Question IFLS4 person cross-section US weight w/ attrition correction
PTRACK_PW9307L Question IFLS4 person longit. weight for being interviewed in 1993,1997,2000,2007 w/ attr
PTRACK_PW9307LR Question IFLS4 person longit. weight for being in roster in 1993,1997,2000,2007 w/ attrit
PTRACK_PW9307UL Question IFLS4 person longit. weight for being measured in 1993,1997,2000,2007 w/ attriti
PTRACK_PWT00LA Question 00 Long. perwt (logit wo prsnt in 97)
PTRACK_PWT00LB Question 00 Long. perwt (logit w prsnt in 97)
PTRACK_PWT00XA Question 00 Xsct. perwt (logit w/o prsnt 97)
PTRACK_PWT00XB Question 00 Xsct. perwt (logit w/ prsnt 97)
PTRACK_PWT07LA Question IFLS4 person longit. weight for 1993 hhm found in 2007 w/ attrition correction
PTRACK_PWT07XA Question IFLS4 person cross-section weight w/ attrition correction
PTRACK_PWT07X_ Question IFLS4 person cross-section weight w/o attrition correction
PTRACK_PWT93 Question 93 person weight (=ROSTERWT in IFLS1)
PTRACK_PWT93IN Question 93 MAIN respondent wt (=RESPWT in IFLS1)
PTRACK_PWT97EKX Question 97 Xsection psn wgt-cognitive a
PTRACK_PWT93US Question 93 psn wt for health msrs (=CA_WT IFLS1)
PTRACK_PWT97INL Question 97 Longitudinal person wt--93 MAIN resp
PTRACK_PWT97L Question 97 Longitudinal analysis person weight
PTRACK_PWT97USX Question 97 Xsection psn wgt-health asse
PTRACK_PWT97USL Question 97 Health assessmt longit perso
PTRACK_PWT97X Question 97 Xsection person weight
PTRACK_RES00B3A Question Result 00: Book 3a done by resp?
PTRACK_RES00B3B Question Result 00: Book 3b done by resp?
PTRACK_RES00B3P Question Result 00: Book 3p done by resp?
PTRACK_RES00B4 Question Result 00: Book 4 done by resp?
PTRACK_RES00B5 Question Result 00: Book 5 done by resp?
PTRACK_RES00EK Question Rslt 00: EL(Cog.) asses. done by resp?
PTRACK_RES00US Question Rslt 00: US(Hlth) asses. done by resp?
PTRACK_RES07B3A Question result 07: Book 3A completed by resp?
PTRACK_RES07B3B Question result 07: Book 3B completed by resp?
PTRACK_RES07B4 Question result 07: Book 4 completed by resp?
PTRACK_RES07B5 Question result 07: Book 5 completed by resp?
PTRACK_RES07BK1 Question result 07: Book EK1 completed by resp?
PTRACK_RES07BK2 Question result 07: Book EK2 completed by resp?
PTRACK_RES07BP Question interview of book i
PTRACK_RES07US Question result 07: Book US completed by resp?
PTRACK_RES93B3 Question Result 93: Book 3 done by Resp?
PTRACK_RES93B4 Question Result 93: Book 4 done by Resp?
PTRACK_RES93B5 Question Result 93: Book 5 done by Resp?
PTRACK_RES93US Question Result 93: (US=CA)Health assess done?
PTRACK_RES97B3A Question Result 97: Book 3A done by Resp?
PTRACK_RES97B3B Question Result 97: Book 3B done by Resp?
PTRACK_RES97B3P Question Result 97: Book 3P done by Proxy?
PTRACK_RES97B4 Question Result 97: Book 4 done by Resp?
PTRACK_RES97B5 Question Result 97: Book 5 done by Resp?
PTRACK_RES97EKB Question Result 97: Assessmt-Bah Indones
PTRACK_RES97EKM Question Result 97: Assessment-Math done
PTRACK_SEX Question Sex
PTRACK_RES97US Question Result 97: (US)Health assessmen