BUS. Health Measurements

A nurse recorded various measures of physical health for each household member. Measures include height and weight (all respondents), blood pressure and pulse (respondents 15 and older), lung capacity (respondents 9 and older), and hemoglobin (respondents 1 and older). In addition, respondents 15 and older were timed while they rose from a sitting to a standing position five times (a physical assessment developed by the WHO team). The nurse also evaluated the individuals’ health status on a 9-point scale and recorded comments about the individual’s health. As an indication of household health, the iodine content of the household’s salt was tested.

Label Type Description
BUS_HHID07 Question 2007 Household ID
BUS_BEGHR1_1_0 Question Time interview began (hour)(1)
BUS_BEGHR2_1_0 Question Time interview began (hour)(2)
BUS_BEGHR3_1_0 Question Time interview began (hour)(3)
BUS_BEGMIN1_1_0 Question Time interview began (minute)(1)
BUS_BEGMIN2_1_0 Question Time interview began (minute)(2)
BUS_BEGMIN3_1_0 Question Time interview began (minute)(3)
BUS_EDITOR_1_0 Question Field editor ID code
BUS_EDITORCK_1_0 Question Reviewed by editor
BUS_ENDHR1_1_0 Question Time interview ended (hour)(1)
BUS_ENDHR2_1_0 Question Time interview ended (hour)(2)
BUS_ENDHR3_1_0 Question Time interview ended (hour)(3)
BUS_ENDMIN1_1_0 Question Time interview ended (minute)(1)
BUS_ENDMIN2_1_0 Question Time interview ended (minute)(2)
BUS_ENDMIN3_1_0 Question Time interview ended (minute)(3)
BUS_HHID07_9 Question IDRTUS1. Household ID #
BUS_IDIVWR_1_0 Question Interviewer ID code
BUS_IDKEYPUN_1_0 Question Keypuncher code
BUS_IDVERIF_1_0 Question Verification keypuncher code
BUS_IVWDAY1_1_0 Question Date of interview (day)(1)
BUS_IVWDAY2_1_0 Question Date of interview (day)(2)
BUS_IVWDAY3_1_0 Question Date of interview (day)(3)
BUS_IVWMTH1_1_0 Question Date of interview (month)(1)
BUS_IVWMTH2_1_0 Question Date of interview (month)(2)
BUS_IVWMTH3_1_0 Question Date of interview (month)(3)
BUS_IVWYR1_1_0 Question Date of interview (year)(1)
BUS_IVWYR2_1_0 Question Date of interview (year)(2)
BUS_IVWYR3_1_0 Question Date of interview (year)(3)
BUS_LANGMAIN_1_0 Question Language of interview?
BUS_LANGOTHR_1_0 Question Other language used if any?
BUS_NUMVIS_1_0 Question Number of visits
BUS_REASON_1_0 Question Result of interview
BUS_RESULT_1_0 Question Reason not completed
BUS_SUPVERIF_1_0 Question Verificated by local supervisor
BUS_SUP_EDIT_1_0 Question Reviewed by local supervisor
BUS_SUP_OBS_1_0 Question Observed by local supervisor
BUS_US00 Question Respondent measured?
BUS_US01 Question Sex
BUS_US02DAY Question Date of birth (day)
BUS_US02MTH Question Month of birth
BUS_US02YR Question Year of birth
BUS_US03 Question Age
BUS_US06X Question Weight measured?
BUS_US06 Question Weight (kg)
BUS_US07A1 Question Blood pressure (1st measurement)
BUS_US07A2 Question Blood pressure (1st measurement)
BUS_US07AX Question Blood pressure (1st measurement)
BUS_US07AP Question Blood pressure (1st measurement)
BUS_US07B1 Question Blood pressure (2nd measurement)
BUS_US07B2 Question Blood pressure (2nd measurement)
BUS_US07BX Question Blood pressure (2nd measurement)
BUS_US07BP Question Blood pressure (2nd measurement)
BUS_USAR01A Question Do you live in this household?
BUS_US04X Question Height measured?
BUS_US04 Question Height (cm)
BUS_US05 Question Type of measurement
BUS_US06AX Question Waist circumference measured
BUS_US06A Question Waist circumference (cm)
BUS_US06BX Question Hip circumference measured
BUS_US06B Question Hip circumference (cm)
BUS_US07C1 Question Blood pressure (3rd measurement)
BUS_US07C2 Question Blood pressure (3rd measurement)
BUS_US07CX Question Blood pressure (3rd measurement)
BUS_US07CP Question Blood pressure (3rd measurement)
BUS_US10 Question Time from sitting to standing 5 times measurement
BUS_US10AX Question Sitting height (>=40 years)
BUS_US10A Question Sitting height (>=40 years)
BUS_US10X Question Time from sitting to standing (5 times) measured?
BUS_US11 Question Times respondent stood up after sitting
BUS_US12 Question Reason for standing up less than 5 times
BUS_US16HR Question Time measured (hour)
BUS_US16MNT Question Time measured (minutes)
BUS_US17DAY Question Date measured (day)
BUS_US17MTH Question Date measured (month)
BUS_US17YEAR Question Date measured (year)
BUS_US20 Question Dominant Hand
BUS_US20A Question Left Hand: Grip Strength #1
BUS_US20AX Question Left Hand: Grip Strength #1
BUS_US20A3 Question Left Hand: Reason not measured #1
BUS_US20B Question Right Hand: Grip Strength #1
BUS_US20BX Question Right Hand: Grip Strength #1
BUS_US20B3 Question Right Hand: Reason not measured #1
BUS_US21A Question Left Hand: Grip Strength #2
BUS_US21AX Question Left Hand: Grip Strength #2
BUS_US21A3 Question Left Hand: Reason not measured #2
BUS_US21B Question Right Hand: Grip Strength #2
BUS_US21BX Question Right Hand: Grip Strength #2
BUS_US21B3 Question Right Hand: Reason not measured #2
BUS_US22A Question Left Hand: Grip Strength #3
BUS_US22AX Question Left Hand: Grip Strength #3
BUS_US22A3 Question Left Hand: Reason not measured #3
BUS_US22B Question Right Hand: Grip Strength #3
BUS_US22BX Question Right Hand: Grip Strength #3
BUS_US22B3 Question Right Hand: Reason not measured #3
BUS_US23 Question Method of measurement
BUS_US18AA Question Uses medicine for anemia
BUS_US18AB Question Uses medicine for hypertention
BUS_US18AC Question Uses medicine for Diabetes
BUS_US18AD Question Uses medicine for Obat Kolesterol
BUS_BEGHR1_2_0 Question Time interview began (hour)(1)
BUS_BEGHR2_2_0 Question Time interview began (hour)(2)
BUS_BEGHR3_2_0 Question Time interview began (hour)(3)
BUS_BEGMIN1_2_0 Question Time interview began (minute)(1)
BUS_BEGMIN2_2_0 Question Time interview began (minute)(2)
BUS_BEGMIN3_2_0 Question Time interview began (minute)(3)
BUS_EDITOR_2_0 Question Field editor ID code
BUS_EDITORCK_2_0 Question Reviewed by editor
BUS_ENDHR1_2_0 Question Time interview ended (hour)(1)
BUS_ENDHR2_2_0 Question Time interview ended (hour)(2)
BUS_ENDHR3_2_0 Question Time interview ended (hour)(3)
BUS_ENDMIN1_2_0 Question Time interview ended (minute)(1)
BUS_ENDMIN2_2_0 Question Time interview ended (minute)(2)
BUS_ENDMIN3_2_0 Question Time interview ended (minute)(3)
BUS_IDIVWR_2_0 Question Interviewer ID code
BUS_IDKEYPUN_2_0 Question Keypuncher code
BUS_IDVERIF_2_0 Question Verification keypuncher code
BUS_IVWDAY1_2_0 Question Date of interview (day of month)(1)
BUS_IVWDAY2_2_0 Question Date of interview (day of month)(2)
BUS_IVWDAY3_2_0 Question Date of interview (day of month)(3)
BUS_IVWMTH1_2_0 Question Date of interview (month)(1)
BUS_IVWMTH2_2_0 Question Date of interview (month)(2)
BUS_IVWMTH3_2_0 Question Date of interview (month)(3)
BUS_IVWYR1_2_0 Question Date of interview (year)(1)
BUS_IVWYR2_2_0 Question Date of interview (year)(2)
BUS_IVWYR3_2_0 Question Date of interview (year)(3)
BUS_LANGMAIN_2_0 Question Language of interview?
BUS_LANGOTHR_2_0 Question Other language used if any?
BUS_NUMVIS_2_0 Question Number of visits
BUS_REASON_2_0 Question Result of interview
BUS_RESULT_2_0 Question Reason not completed
BUS_SUPVERIF_2_0 Question Verificated by local supervisor
BUS_SUP_EDIT_2_0 Question Reviewed by local supervisor
BUS_SUP_OBS_2_0 Question Observed by local supervisor
BUS_US13AA Question Random DBS
BUS_US221 Question Household salt iodine rate
BUS_US200 Question Respondent measured
BUS_US201 Question Sex
BUS_US202DAY Question Date of birth (day)
BUS_US202MTH Question Month of birth
BUS_US202YR Question Year of birth
BUS_US203 Question Age
BUS_US209AX Question Lung capacities (1st measured)
BUS_US209A Question Lung capacities (1st measured)
BUS_US209BX Question Lung capacities (2nd measured)
BUS_US209B Question Lung capacities (2nd measured)
BUS_US209CX Question Lung capacities (3rd measured)
BUS_US209C Question Lung capacities (3rd measured)
BUS_US2AR01A Question Do you lived in this HH?
BUS_US210AX Question Total cholesterol (>=40 years)
BUS_US210A Question Total cholesterol (>=40 years)
BUS_US210BX Question HDL (>=40 years)
BUS_US210B Question HDL (>=40 years)
BUS_US210CX Question Rasio (TC/HDL)
BUS_US210C Question Rasio (TC/HDL)
BUS_US213 Question Hb measurement
BUS_US213AX Question SPRT blood measurement
BUS_US213A Question SPRT blood measurement
BUS_US213X Question Hb measurement
BUS_US215A Question Currently pregnant
BUS_US215B Question Currently menstruation
BUS_US215X Question Check if pregnant/menstruation/breastfeeding
BUS_US215C Question Currently breastfeeding
BUS_US216HRS Question Currrent time: Hours
BUS_US216MIN Question Current time: Minute
BUS_US217DAY Question Day of measurement
BUS_US217MTH Question Month of measurement
BUS_US217YR Question Year of measurement
BUS_US218 Question Currently fasting
BUS_US218BHR Question When do you last eat (hour)
BUS_US218BX Question When do you last eat (day)
BUS_US218BMT Question When do you last eat (minute)
BUS_US218C Question IVW Note: Do HH Member have a disable physics?