BT. Tracking

Interview information is collected in this module. The contents include time interview started and ended, date of interview and results for every visit.

item label type description
BT_HHID07 Question 2007 Household ID
BT_BEGHR1 Question Time interview began (hour)(1)
BT_BEGHR2 Question Time interview began (hour)(2)
BT_BEGHR3 Question Time interview began (hour)(3)
BT_BEGMIN1 Question Time interview began (minute)(1)
BT_BEGMIN2 Question Time interview began (minute)(2)
BT_BEGMIN3 Question Time interview began (minute)(3)
BT_EDITOR Question Code of editor book T
BT_ENDHR1 Question Time interview ended (minute)(1)
BT_ENDHR2 Question Time interview ended (minute)(2)
BT_ENDHR3 Question Time interview ended (minute)(3)
BT_ENDMIN1 Question Time interview ended (minute)(1)
BT_ENDMIN2 Question Time interview ended (minute)(2)
BT_ENDMIN3 Question Time interview ended (minute)(3)
BT_IVWDAY1 Question Date of interview (day)(1)
BT_IVWDAY2 Question Date of interview (day)(2)
BT_IVWDAY3 Question Date of interview (day)(3)
BT_IVWMTH1 Question Date of interview (month)(1)
BT_IVWMTH2 Question Date of interview (month)(2)
BT_IVWMTH3 Question Date of interview (month)(3)
BT_IVWYR1 Question Date of interview(year)(1)
BT_IVWYR2 Question Date of interview(year)(2)
BT_IVWYR3 Question Date of interview(year)(3)
BT_NUMVIS Question Number of visits
BT_RESULT1 Question Result for every visit(1)
BT_RESULT2 Question Result for every visit(2)
BT_RESULT3 Question Result for every visit(3)
BT_TB1 Question How about result of this household interview?
BT_TB2 Question What's the new IDRT
BT_TB4 Question What is the relationship between HH and informan
BT_TB5 Question Where did you get the address for tracking
BT_TB6 Question Is physical building founded
BT_T_NUM Question Number of Book T
Start of BT. Tracking

End of BT. Tracking