BK. Household Roster and Location

Book K: Control Book and Household Roster. Book K recorded whether a household was found and interviewed and the location of the household. If the household was interviewed, information on the composition of the household was collected and on basic characteristics of the housing structure that the interviewer could observe.

Label Type Description
BK_HHID07 Question 2007 Household ID
BK_AR03 Question Is there any unlisted child?
BK_AR03A Question Is there any listed child after 2000 or last survey...
BK_AR04 Question Is there any unlisted person?
BK_AR05 Question Is any person away for<6 mnths?
BK_AR06 Question Is any person visiting for 6 months?
BK_HHSIZE Question Total HH's member
BK_AR00 Question Person Identification
BK_AR01A Question Is HH member still live in this household 0.Dead
BK_AR01B Question Tracking Status
BK_AR01C Question Random VG
BK_AR01E Question Random DBS
BK_AR01F Question Still in HH in latest SAKERTI?
BK_AR01G Question Status to Book III in IFLS-00
BK_AR01H Question Status to Book IV in IFLS-00
BK_AR01I Question Status of interview
BK_AR01L Question Status to Book EK1 in IFLS-00
BK_AR01M Question Status to Book EK2 in IFLS-00
BK_AR02 Question Relation to HH Head in the last interviewed
BK_AR02B Question Relation to HH Head (2000)
BK_AR07X Question Sex
BK_AR07 Question Sex
BK_AR08A Question Age in the last interviewed
BK_AR08DAY Question Date of birth of HH member
BK_AR08X Question Date of birth of HH member
BK_AR08MTH Question Month of birth of HH member
BK_AR08YR Question Year of birth of HH member
BK_AR09 Question Age now
BK_AR10 Question ID number of father
BK_AR11 Question ID number of mother
BK_AR12 Question ID number of HHm that care to the child under 15 years old
BK_AR13 Question Marital status
BK_AR14 Question Line number of spouse
BK_AR15 Question Religion of HH member
BK_AR15A Question Did member work last year?
BK_AR15BX Question Do you know last yr's member's salary?
BK_AR15B Question last year's salary
BK_AR15C Question Type of activity during in the past week
BK_AR15D Question Ethnic Group
BK_AR16 Question HHM highest level of education
BK_AR17 Question Highest grade completed by HHM
BK_AR18C Question Is HHM still in school?
BK_AR18D Question Ivwr chk: still live in HH 0.Dead
BK_AR18EX Question When did indvidual entry/depart the HH?
BK_AR18EMTH Question Departure/entry into HH (Month)
BK_AR18EYR Question Departure/Entry into HH (Year)
BK_AR18F Question Reason for move in / out
BK_AR18G Question Ivwr chk: Still in HH
BK_AR18H Question Is HH member still alive?
BK_AR18I Question Where does HHM live now?
BK_AR18X Question Panel respondent or new respondent?
BK_AR18J Question Need to enter or tracking form
BK_BEGHR1 Question Time interview began (minute)(1)
BK_BEGHR2 Question Time interview began (minute)(2)
BK_BEGHR3 Question Time interview began (minute)(3)
BK_BEGMIN1 Question Time interview ended (hour)(1)
BK_BEGMIN2 Question Time interview ended (hour)(2)
BK_BEGMIN3 Question Time interview ended (hour)(3)
BK_CP1 Question Were others present at interview? Variable CP1 can have multiple responses. Users were asked to select all applicable responses from a list of all possible responses. These were concatenated together into a single character string variable whic
BK_CP2 Question Evaluation of accuracy of R's answers
BK_CP3 Question How serious and attentive was R?
BK_EDITOR Question Field editor ID code
BK_EDIT_CK Question Reviewed by editor
BK_ENDHR1 Question Time interview ended (minute)(1)
BK_ENDHR3 Question Time interview ended (minute)(3)
BK_ENDMIN1 Question Time interview began (hour)(1)
BK_ENDMIN2 Question Time interview began (hour)(2)
BK_ENDMIN3 Question Time interview began (hour)(3)
BK_IDIVWR Question Interviewer ID code
BK_IDKEY Question Keypuncher code
BK_IDVERIF Question Verification keypuncher code
BK_IVWDAY1 Question Date of interview (day)(1)
BK_IVWDAY2 Question Date of interview (day)(2)
BK_IVWDAY3 Question Date of interview (day)(3)
BK_IVWMTH1 Question Date of interview (month)(1)
BK_IVWMTH2 Question Date of interview (month)(2)
BK_IVWMTH3 Question Date of interview (month)(3)
BK_IVWYR1 Question Date of interview(year)(1)
BK_IVWYR2 Question Date of interview(year)(2)
BK_IVWYR3 Question Date of interview(year)(3)
BK_LANGMAIN Question Interview in what language?
BK_LANGOTHR Question Other language used if any
BK_NUMVIS Question Number of visits
BK_R1BK Question Total number of tracking from FP10
BK_R2BK Question Final result of interview
BK_REASON Question Reason of C1 3. Resp. refused 5. Other
BK_RESULT Question Interview of book I
BK_RSPNDNT Question Respondent HHM type
BK_SUP_EDIT Question Reviewed by Local Supervisor
BK_SUP_OBS Question Observed by Local Supervisor
BK_SUP_VERI Question Verivied by Local Supervisor
BK_KRK01 Question Ivwr Obs: Type of dwelling
BK_KRK02A Question Inwr Obs: Human & animal waste near House
BK_KRK02B Question Ivwr Obs: Piles of trash around House
BK_KRK02C Question Ivwr Obs: House is surrended by stagnant water
BK_KRK02D Question Ivwr Obs: House is next/under a stable
BK_KRK02E Question Ivwr Obs: House has sufficient ventilation
BK_KRK02F Question Ivwr Obs: House yard well kept and cleaned-up
BK_KRK02G Question Ivwr Obs: House has moderately-sized yard
BK_KRK02H Question Ivwr Obs: House has a kitchen outside
BK_KRK02I Question Ivwr Obs: Cooking room & sleeping rooms are same
BK_KRK05A Question House size in square meters
BK_KRK06 Question Ivwr Obs: Number of rooms in House
BK_KRK08 Question Ivwr Obs: Main material of floor
BK_KRK09 Question Ivwr Obs: material used in the outer walls
BK_KRK10 Question Ivwr Obs: materials for roof
BK_SC010700 Question Prov 2007 in 2000 BPS code
BK_SC010707 Question Prov 2007 in 2007 BPS code
BK_SC020700 Question Kab 2007 in 2000 BPS code
BK_SC020707 Question Kab 2007 in 2007 BPS code
BK_SC030700 Question Kec 2007 in 2000 BPS code
BK_SC030707 Question Kec 2007 in 2007 BPS code
BK_SC05 Question Urban/Rural
BK_SC10 Question Code of field coordinator
BK_SC12 Question Code of local supervisor
BK_SC14 Question Code of first interviewer
BK_SC15 Question Code of second interviewer
BK_SC21X Question Do you know how distant HH moved?
BK_SC21 Question Distance household moved