This module is answered by proxy about respondent's social-demographic information, including language, birth date, age, marital status, education, ethnicity, religion, immigration information, as well as respondent's cognition conditions.

Label Type Description
Q1006 Question Household ID
Q1007 Question Number of selected respondent from HH roster (number from column)
Q1007A Question Number of PROXY respondent from HH roster (number from column)
Q1008 Question What is the respondent's mother tongue?
Q1009 Question Record sex of the respondent:
Q1010 Question What day, month and year was the respondent born?
Q1011 Question How old is the respondent now?
Q1012 Question What is the respondent's current marital status?
Q1015 Question Has the respondent ever been to school?
Q1016 Question What is the highest level of education that s/he completed?
Q1018 Question What is her/his background or ethnic group?
Q1019 Question Did he/she belong to a religious denomination?
Q1020 Question How long have you known [respondent's name]?
Q1021 Question Remembering things about family and friends, for example, occupations, birthdays or addresses
Q1022 Question Remembering things that have happened recently
Q1023 Question Recalling conversations a few days later
Q1024 Question Remembering his/her address and telephone number
Q1025 Question Remembering what day and month it is
Q1026 Question Remembering where things are usually kept
Q1027 Question Remembering where to find things which have been put in a different place from usual
Q1028 Question Knowing how to work familiar machines around the house
Q1029 Question Learning to use a new gadget or machine around the house
Q1030 Question Learning new things in general
Q1031 Question Following a story in a book or on TV
Q1032 Question Making decisions on everyday matters
Q1033 Question Handling money for shopping
Q1034 Question Handling financial matters, for example, a pension or dealing with the bank
Q1035 Question Handling other everyday arithmetic problems, for example, knowing how much food to buy, knowing how long between visits from family or friends
Q1036 Question Using his/her intelligence to understand what's going on and to reason things through