VG. Vignettes

This module is made up of two sections. The first asks respondents to rate various aspects of their own situation on a 5-point scale. These questions focus on mobility, pain, cognition, sleep, and depression. In the second section of the two questionnaires, respondents are asked to rate the situation of various hypothetical people who experience different circumstances(vignettes) on the same 5-point scale used in the first section.

Label Type Description
MERGEID System generated person identifier (fix across modules and waves)
HHID System generated household (fix across modules and waves)
HHID1 System generated household identifier wave 1
COUNTRY System generated country identifier
WAVEID System generated identifier of original wave
LANGUAGE System generated language of questionnaire
CVID System generated coverscreen sequence identifier (wave specific)
TYPE System generated vignette type
V1 Question pain self-rating
V2 Question sleep self-rating
V3 Question mobility self-rating
V4 Question memory self-rating
V5 Question breath self-rating
V6 Question depress self-rating
V7 Question work disbility self-rating
V8 Question pain vignette 1
V9 Question sleep vignette 1
V10 Question pain vignette 2
V11 Question sleep vignette 2
V12 Question pain vignette 3
V13 Question sleep vignette 3
V14 Question mobility vignette 1
V15 Question memory vignette 1
V16 Question mobility vignette 2
V17 Question memory vignette 2
V18 Question mobility vignette 3
V19 Question memory vignette 3
V20 Question breath vignette 1
V21 Question depress vignette 1
V22 Question breath vignette 2
V23 Question depress vignette 2
V24 Question breath vignette 3
V25 Question depress vignette 3
V26 Question work disability vignette 1
V27 Question work disability vignette 2
V28 Question work disability vignette 3
V29 Question work disability vignette 4
V30 Question work disability vignette 5
V31 Question work disability vignette 6
V32 Question work disability vignette 7
V33 Question work disability vignette 8
V34 Question work disability vignette 9