This module is based on interviewer's observation. Contents include interview environment, respondent's problems during the interview, respondent's cooperation, and accuracy of answer.

Label Type Description
Q9001 Question Was someone else present during the interview?
Q9002 Question Did respondent have
Q9003 Question Hearing problem?
Q9004 Question Vision problem?
Q9005 Question Use wheelchair?
Q9006 Question Use cane/crutches/walker?
Q9007 Question Have difficulties walking?
Q9008 Question Paralysis?
Q9009 Question Cough continually?
Q9010 Question Shortness of breath?
Q9011 Question Mental problems?
Q9012 Question Other health problem?
Q9013 Question What is your assessment of the respondent's cooperation?
Q9014 Question What is your evaluation of the accuracy and completeness of the respondent's answers?
Q9015 Question Questions with doubtful answers
Q9016 Question Questions needing follow-up or clarification from supervisor
Q9017 Question Other problems or issues
Q9018 Question What questions did respondent find difficult, embarrassing or confusing?
Q9019 Question What questions did you the interviewer find difficult, embarrassing or confusing?