SC. Self-Completion Questionnaire

This module is self-completed. Topics covered are overall life satisfaction, quality of life, optimism/pessimism, depression, balance between respondent and others, family duty, personality, respondent's general practitioner, preventative care, pain, physical structure of respondent's accommodation, and neighborhood.

Label Type Description
MERGEID Question person identifier (fix across modules and waves)
HHID Question household (fix across modules and waves)
HHID1 Question household identifier wave 1
COUNTRY Question country identifier
WAVEID Question identifier of original wave
LANGUAGE Question language of questionnaire
CVID Question coverscreen sequence identifier (wave specific)
Q1 Question how satisfied are you with your life in general
Q2_A Question my age prevents me from doing the things i would like to
Q2_B Question i feel that what happens to me is out of my control
Q2_C Question i feel left out of things
Q2_D Question i can do the things that i want to do
Q2_E Question family responsibilities prevent me from doing what i want to do
Q2_F Question shortage of money stops me from doing the things i want to do
Q2_G Question i look forward to each day
Q2_H Question i feel that my life has meaning
Q2_I Question on balance, i look back on my life with a sense of happiness
Q2_J Question i feel full of energy these days
Q2_K Question i feel that life is full of opportunities
Q2_L Question i feel that the future looks good for me
Q3_A Question i pursue my goals with lots of energy
Q3_B Question in uncertain times, i usually expect the best
Q3_C Question i am always optimistic about my future
Q3_D Question i hardly ever expect things to go my way
Q3_E Question i still find ways to solve a problem if others have given up
Q3_F Question i rarely count on good things happening to me
Q3_G Question given my previous experiences i feel well prepared for my future
Q4_A Question i felt depressed
Q4_B Question i felt that everything i did was an effort
Q4_C Question my sleep was restless
Q4_D Question i was happy
Q4_E Question i felt lonely
Q4_F Question i felt people were unfriendly
Q4_G Question i enjoyed life
Q4_H Question i felt sad
Q4_I Question i felt that people disliked me
Q4_J Question i could not get going
Q4_K Question i did not feel like eating; my appetite was poor
Q4_L Question i had a lot of energy
Q4_M Question i felt tired
Q4_N Question i felt really rested when i woke up in the morning
Q5_A Question i always satisfied w/ balance between what given partner and what received in return
Q5_B Question i always received adequate appreciation for providing help in my family
Q5_C Question in my current major activity i always satisfied w. rewards received for efforts
Q5_D Question i have been seriously disappointed or hurt by someone to whom i gave my trust
Q6_A Question parents duty: do best for children even at expense of own well-being
Q6_B Question grandparents duty: be there for grandchildren in cases of difficulty
Q6_C Question grandparents duty: contribute towards economic security of grandchildren and families
Q6_D Question grandparents duty: help grandchildren's parents in looking after young grandchildren.
Q7_A Question family or state: financial support for older persons who are in need
Q7_B Question family or state: help with household chores for older persons in need
Q7_C Question family or state: personal care for older persons in need
Q8_A Question conflicts with parents
Q8_B Question conflicts with parents-in-law
Q8_C Question conflicts with partner/spouse
Q8_D Question conflicts with children
Q8_E Question conflicts with other family members
Q8_F Question conflicts with friends, coworkers, acquaintances
Q9 Question how often conflicts with children/-in-law over education/upbringing of grandchildren
Q10 Question do you or did you ever share a household with a husband, wife or partner
Q11_A Question who in couple in charge of bringing up children
Q11_B Question who in couple in charge of earning money
Q11_C Question who in couple in charge of cooking, cleaning the house, laundry and ironing
Q11_D Question who in couple in charge of caring for elderly
Q12 Question have general pratictioner
Q13_A Question how often does gp ask about physical activity
Q13_B Question how often does gp tell to get exercise
Q13_C Question how often does gp ask about falling down
Q13_D Question how often does gp check balance
Q13_E Question how often does gp check weight
Q13_F Question how often does gp ask about drugs
Q14 Question had flu vaccination
Q15 Question advised to have flu vaccination
Q16 Question had eye exam
Q17 Question had mammogram
Q18 Question advised to have colonoscopy
Q19 Question ever had colonoscopy
Q20 Question had stool blood test
Q21 Question advised to have stool blood test
Q22 Question joint pain
Q23_A Question pain in hips
Q23_B Question pain in knees
Q23_C Question pain in other joints
Q24 Question joint pain on most days
Q25 Question drugs for joint pain
Q26 Question join pain controlled
Q27 Question tell gp about joint pain
Q28_A Question did gp check joints
Q28_B Question did gp suggest treatment
Q28_C Question did gp tell about side effects
Q29_A Question ever had physiotherapy
Q29_B Question ever suggested surgery
Q29_C Question ever been send to orthopeadic surgeon
Q30_A Question an indoor bath or shower only for your households personal use
Q30_B Question an indoor flushing toilet only for your households personal use
Q30_C Question central heating
Q30_D Question air condition
Q30_E Question an elevator
Q30_F Question a balcony, terrace or garden
Q31_A Question accomodation has not enough space
Q31_B Question accomodation costs too much
Q31_C Question accomodation has not enough light
Q31_D Question accomodation has insufficient heating or cooling facilities
Q32_A Question does area have sufficient supply of pharmacy/medical care/grocery in reasonable distance
Q32_B Question does area have sufficient possibilities for public transportation
Q32_C Question does area have pollution, noise or other environmental problems
Q32_D Question does area suffer from vandalism or crime
Q33_A Question has dog
Q33_B Question has cat
Q33_C Question has bird
Q33_D Question has fish
Q33_E Question has other pets
Q33_F Question has no pets in household
Q34_R Question religious preference
Q35 Question about how often do you pray?
Q36 Question have you been educated religiously by your parents?
Q37 Question party preference
Q38_A Question gender
Q38_B Question date of birth