This module is about respondent's social cohesion, including social participation, satisfaction, neighborhood environment and safety, and participation in politics and national affairs.

Label Type Description
Q6001 Question Attended any public meeting in which there was discussion of local or school affairs?
Q6002 Question Met personally with someone you consider being a community leader?
Q6003 Question Attended any group, club, society, union or organizational meeting?
Q6004 Question Worked with other people in your neighborhood to fix or improve something?
Q6005 Question Had friends over to your home?
Q6006 Question Been in the home of someone who lives in a different neighborhood than you do or had they in your home?
Q6007 Question Socialized with coworkers outside of work?
Q6008 Question Attended religious services (not including weddings and funerals)?
Q6009 Question gotten out of the house/your dwelling to attend social meetings, activities, programs or events or to visit friends or relatives
Q6010 Question Would you like to go out more often or are you satisfied with how much you get out of the house?
Q6011 Question What is the main reason that you don't get out more?
Q6012 Question Generally speaking, would you say that most people can be trusted or that you can't be too careful in dealing with people?
Q6013 Question Do you have someone you can trust and confide in?
Q6014 Question First, think about people in your neighborhood. Generally speaking, would you say that you can trust them-?
Q6015 Question Now, think about people whom you work with. Generally speaking, would you say that you can trust them -?
Q6016 Question And how about strangers? Generally speaking, would you say that you can trust them -?
Q6017 Question In general, how safe from crime and violence do you feel when you are alone at home?
Q6018 Question How safe do you feel when walking down your street alone after dark?
Q6019 Question In the last 12 months, have you or anyone in your household been the victim of a violent crime, such as assault or mugging?