This module records respondent's social-demographic information, incluing language, birth date, age, marital status, education, ethnicity, religion, immigration information, as well as parents' work status, occupation and education background.

Label Type Description
Q1000 Question Time b
Q1006 Question Household ID
Q1007 Question Person (HH member) number from HH roster (number from column)
Q1008 Question What is your mother tongue?
Q1009 Question Record sex of the respondent
Q1010 Question What day, month and year were you born?
Q1011 Question How old are you now?
Q1012 Question What is your current marital status?
Q1013 Question For how many years have you been separated, divorced or widowed?
Q1014 Question For how many years have you been married or living together?
Q1015 Question Have you ever been to school?
Q1016 Question What is the highest level of education that you have completed?
Q1017 Question How many years of school, including higher education have you completed?
Q1018 Question What is your background or ethnic group
Q1019 Question Do you belong to a religious denomination?
Q1020 Question Have you always lived in this village/town/city?
Q1021 Question How long have you been living (continuously) in this area?
Q1022 Question Where were you living before?
Q1023 Question Where have you lived for most of your adult life (18+ years)?
Q1024 Question Where did you live for most of your childhood (before age 10 years)?
Q1025 Question Was your mother ever employed?
Q1026 Question Who is/was your mother's main employer over her working life?
Q1027 Question What is/was her main occupation?
Q1028 Question What is the highest level of education that she completed?
Q1029 Question Was your father ever employed?
Q1030 Question Who is/was your father's main employer over his working life?
Q1031 Question What is/was his main occupation?