This module asks about household assets and income. Contents include televisions, security system, cars, electricity, second home, land or properties, valuable goods, electronic products and income from various resources.

Label Type Description
Q0701 Question How many cars are there in your household?
Q0702 Question Does your home have electricity?
Q0703 Question Internet access in your home?
Q0704 Question A bullock cart / animal drawn cart or sled?
Q0705 Question A bicycle?
Q0706 Question Built-in kitchen sink?
Q0707 Question Hot running water?
Q0708 Question A washing machine?
Q0709 Question A dishwasher?
Q0710 Question A refrigerator?
Q0711 Question Employ anybody in your house who is not a member of your family (gardener, cook, cleaner, driver-)?
Q0712 Question A mobile / cellular telephone?
Q0713 Question A television?
Q0714 Question A computer?
Q0715 Question A motorbike
Q0716 Question Livestock (cattle, goats, pigs, poultry)?
Q0717 Question A security system in your home?
Q0718 Question A HiFi or music centre (stereo system)?
Q0719 Question A second home?
Q0720 Question Land or property?
Q0721 Question Other valuable items, such as jewellery, books, art or other valuable items?
Q0722 Question Does your household have a regular source of income?
Q0723 Question Please tell me from which of these sources members of your household receive income:
Q0723A Question Wages, salary from job?
Q0723B Question Earnings from selling, trading or hawking products?
Q0723C Question Income from rental of property?
Q0723D Question State old-age (veteran's/civil service) pension, contributory pension fund, provident fund or social security benefit?
Q0723E Question Interest, dividends
Q0723F Question Other (specify):
Q0724 Question So to verify this information, your approximate total household income from ALL sources over the last 12 months is about how much
Q0725 Question How many people depend on this income?
Q0726 Question Does your household or any members of the household have current debt or outstanding loans?
Q0726A Question What is the approximate total amount of this debt or loan(s)?
Q0727 Question Thinking about the income for this household, do you believe that it is enough money to cover your daily living needs and obligations?
Q0728 Question Would you say your household's financial situation is-?