This module records housing environment, including facilities and accommodations.

Label Type Description
Q0504 Question What type of floor does your dwelling have?
Q0505 Question What type of wall does your dwelling have?
Q0506 Question What is the main source of drinking water for members of this household?
Q0506A Question What is the main source of water used by your household for other purposes such as hand washing?
Q0507 Question How long does it take to go there, get water and come back?
Q0507A Question Who fetches the water.
Q0508 Question What type of toilet facility do members of your household usually use?
Q0509 Question Do you share this facility with other households?
Q0510 Question What type of fuel does your household mainly use for cooking?
Q0511 Question In this household, is food cooked on an open fire, an open or closed stove?
Q0512 Question Does the fire/stove have a chimney, Wood or neither?
Q0513 Question Where is cooking usually done?