This module collects household composition information and basic demographics for each household member, including age, sex, marital status, educational level and relationship to the household head.

Label Type Description
Q0401 Question What is the total Number of people who live in this household?
Q0402 Question What is the name of the head of the household?
Q0402A Question Surname (last name):
Q0402B Question First (given) name:
Q0403 Question First name and surname
Q0403A Question First name
Q0403B Question Surname
Q0404 Question Person number
Q0405 Question What is [NAME]'s relationship to the household head?
Q0406 Question Is [NAME] a male or a female?
Q0407 Question How old is he/she? (if less than 1 year old enter "00")
Q0408 Question What is [NAME]'s marital status?
Q0409 Question What is the highest level of education [NAME] completed?
Q0410 Question Eligible for selection?
Q0411 Question Does [NAME] have health insurance coverage?
Q0412 Question Does [NAME] need care due to his/her health condition?
Q0413 Question How much care does he/she need?
Q0414 Question Is [NAME] presently in an institution due to his/her health condition?
Q0415 Question What is the reason for [NAME]'s absence?
Q0416 Question Where did [NAME] go to?
Q0417 Question Are there any other persons such as small children or infants that we have not listed?
Q0418 Question Are there any other persons not here at the moment that is usually part of your household?
Q0419 Question Who is the main income earner for the household?
Q0420 Question Who is the household member who completed the household roster?
Q0421 Question Has any member of this household died in the last 24 months?
Q0422 Question How many deaths were there in the household in the last 24 months?
Q0423 Question Sex of deceased
Q0424 Question What was his/her age at death?