This module records information for each visit up to 3 visits, including contact date, time, interviewer, contact, and results.

Label Type Description
Q0351 Question First call
Q0351A Question Date of first contact.
Q0351B Question Time of contact (using military time hh:mm)
Q0351C Question Interviewer ID
Q0351D Question Contract with
Q0351E Question Household roster obtained
Q0351F Question Result code
Q0352 Question Second call
Q0352A Question Date
Q0352B Question Time of contact (using military time hh:mm)
Q0352C Question Interviewer ID
Q0352D Question Contract with
Q0352E Question Household roster obtained
Q0352F Question Result code
Q0353 Question Third call
Q0353A Question Date
Q0353B Question Time of contact (using military time, hh:mm)
Q0353C Question Interviewer ID
Q0353D Question Contract with
Q0353E Question Household roster obtained
Q0353F Question Result code