This first module of the HHQ is the coversheet, containing information about the interview itself: research centre ID, HH ID, HH type, Interviewer ID, number of calls, results codes, rotation code, relevant dates for data editing and entry.

Label Type Description
Q0001 Question Research centre number:
Q0002 System generated Unique household ID number
Q0002A System generated Younger or older household?
Q0003 Question Is this a new, second (follow-up from WHS), retest or proxy interview?
Q0003A Question If retest interview, indicate number of days between first/second and retest.
Q0004 Question Interviewer ID
Q0005 Question Total number of HH calls
Q0006 Question Date of final results: (DD/MM/YYYY)
Q0007A Question Final result code Household Q:
Q0007B Question asked of interviewer Individual questionnaire result code
Q0008 System generated Four (A, B, C, D) rotations of the individual Q
Q0009 Question Date of editing (DD/MM/YYYY)
Q0010 Question asked of interviewer Did supervisor review and sign HHQ?
Q0011 Question Data entry date (DD/MM/YYYY)