I. Informant Information

I. Informant Information for Mex-Cog Informant W1

Label Type Description
mi_q1_16 Question Change in daily activities.
mi_q2_16 Question Decline in mental functioning?
mi_q3_16 Question Difficulties remembering things
mi_q4_16 Question Forgets where (he/she) has put things?
mi_q5_16 Question Forgets where things are usually kept?
mi_q6_16 Question Does (he/she) forget the names of friends?
mi_q7_16 Question Forgets the names of family members?
mi_q8_16 Question Forgets in the middle of a conversation?
mi_q9_16 Question Difficulty finding the right words?
mi_q10_16 Question Does (he/she) use wrong words?
mi_q11_16 Question Tends to talk about long ago?
mi_q12_16 Question Forgets when last saw you?
mi_q13_16 Question Forgest what happened the day before?
mi_q15_16 Question Gets lost in the community?
mi_q16_16 Question Gets lost in own home?
mi_q17_16 Question Difficulty performing chores?
mi_q18_16 Question Stopped doing activities or hobbies?
mi_q19_16 Question Change in ability to handle money.
mi_q20_16 Question Difficulty adapting to changes in routine.
mi_q21_16 Question Change in ability to think and reason?
mi_q22_16 Question Regarding eating, would you say:
mi_q23_16 Question Regarding dressing, would you say:"
mi_q24_1_16 Question Difficulty holding or controlling urine?
mi_q24_2_16 Question Difficulty controlling bowel movements?
mi_q25_16 Question Ever confused with another person?
mi_q26_16 Question Difficulty taking everyday decisions.
mi_q27_16 Question His reasoning is confusing or illogical.
mi_q28_1_16 Question Month and year you noticed problems? Month
mi_q28_2_16 Question Month and year you noticed problems? Year
mi_q29_16 Question Began quickly or gradual?
mi_q30_16 Question Condition now compared to time problems began.
mi_q31_16 Question Problems/ difficulties remembering vary?
mi_q32_16 Question Difficulties have been slow and gradual?
mi_q33_16 Question Doubts or distrusts a lot?
mi_q34_16 Question Has behavior changed?
mi_q35_16 Question First changes observed or recent changes?
mi_q36_16 Question See or hear things that nobody else does?
mi_q37_16 Question Accident or illnes his head or brain?
mi_q38_16 Question Unconscious after the accident or illness?
mi_q39_16 Question Can be alone for an hour or more?
mi_q40_16 Question Family members or friends take turns caring?
mi_q41_16 Question Has somebody been paid to take care?
mi_q42_16 Question Activities for the elderly or seniors?
mi_q43_16 Question Days assist or participate in activities?
mi_q45_16 Question Hours spent in daily chores.
mi_q46_16 Question Hours spent in conversation ?
mi_q47_16 Question Usually prepares a hot meal?
mi_q48_16 Question ┬┐How many days a week prepares a hot meal?
mi_q49_16 Question Does paid work or volunteer outside of house?
mi_q50_16 Question Goes to the store or market
mi_q51_16 Question Generally goes alone or with somebody else?
mi_q52_16 Question Frequently visits friends or relatives.
mi_q53_16 Question Generally goes alone or with somebody else?
mi_q54_16 Question Attend religious or social events?
mi_q55_16 Question Generally goes alone or with somebody else?
mi_q56_16 Question What relationship do you have with (NAME)?
mi_q57_16 Question Lives in same household.
mi_q58_1c_16 Question Last grade you completed? Nivel Cod
mi_q58_1_16 Question Last grade you completed? Grade
mi_q59_16 Question Confidence in interview answers