BL2. Blessed - Part 2 of LASI_DAD informant W1

Label Type Description
BL2_2 Question Regarding eating, would you say [CAPI: RESPONDENT NAME] feeds [CAPI: himself/herself] without assistance, with minor assistance, with much assistance, or has to be fed?
BL2_3 Question Regarding using the toilet, would you say [CAPI: RESPONDENT NAME] can clean and care for [CAPI:himself/herself] at a toilet, has occasional incontinence or needs to be reminded, has frequent incontinence or needs much assistance, or has little or no control?
BL2_4 Question Regarding dressing, would you say [CAPI: RESPONDENT NAME] is able to get dressed unaided, occasionally misplaces buttons, etc., and requires minor help, gets dressed with the wrong sequences, forgets items and requires much assistance, or is unable to dress?