Label Type Description
C601 Question Do you have any private health insurance, including employer-sponsored insurance?
C602 Question How much does your private health insurance policy cover?
C603 Question How much do you pay for this health insurance premium each year?
C604 Question Who pays for your health insurance?
C605a0 Question No medical check-up
C605a1 Question General health screen (e.g. blood-sugar rate)
C605a2 Question Cholesterol
C605a3 Question Mammogram
C605a4 Question Pap smear
C605a5 Question Colonoscopy
C605a6 Question Prostate
C605a7 Question Bone density
C605b1 Question No medical check-up
C605b0 Question No medical check-up
C605b2 Question General health screen (e.g. blood-sugar rate)
C605b3 Question Mammogram
C605b4 Question Pap smear
C605b5 Question Colonoscopy
C605b6 Question Prostate
C605b7 Question Bone density
C605c0 Question No medical check-up
C605c1 Question General health screen (e.g. blood-sugar rate)
C605c2 Question Cholesterol
C605c3 Question Mammogram
C605c4 Question Pap smear
C605c5 Question Colonoscopy
C605c6 Question Prostate
C605c7 Question Bone density
C606 Question If no, why you didn’t you go for medical check-up?
C607 Question Where do you normally get your medical treatment (outpatient)? Please check all that apply
C608 Question Who would normally accompany you to go for treatment?
C609 Question Have you ever been hospitalised during the last 12 months?
C610 Question How many times have you been hospitalised in the last 12 months?
C611 Question Who accompanied you the most during your hospitalization?
C612 Question What is/are the reason(s) for your hospitalization(s)? Please choose five most serious ones if there are more than five.