SC. Self completion Greece

SC. Self completion Greece SHARE 2015

Label Type Description
SC1 Question Please select your employment situation in the following table as it was in the beginning of 2010 and as it is today.
SC1-a Question Employment status in the beginning of 2010
SC1-b Question Employment status in 2015
SC2 Question In which public Fund you are you currently registered for old age pension?
SC3 Question Are you registered for / receiving an old age supplementary pension except the public old age pension?
SC4 Question At what rate your monthly pension or salary has been reduced since the beginning of 2010 (before taxes)?
SC5 Question Was there a time during the last 5 years (since 2010) in which you had to use one of the following health care services but you postponed it or you didn’t use it because of the cost?
SC5-1 Question Visit a doctor (except hospital)
SC5-2 Question Take medication (with or without prescription)
SC5-3 Question Visit a dentist
SC5-4 Question Do diagnostic exams suggested by doctors
SC5-5 Question Buy new or change eyeglasses
SC5-6 Question Be admitted to a hospital
SC6 Question During the last years, since 2010, was there a significant change as concerns your health status?
SC7 Question If so, what change was that?
SC8 Question Concerning that change, would you say that it is related to the crisis?
SC9 Question During the last twelve months, in order to keep your expenses down, have you...
SC9-1 Question continued wearing clothing that was worn out because you could not afford replacement?
SC9-2 Question continued wearing shoes that were worn out because you could not afford replacement?
SC9-3 Question gone without or not replaced glasses you needed because you could not afford new ones?
SC10 Question You believe that the crisis brings closer your family members or drift them apart?
SC11 Question Compared to 2010, the financial situation of your household is…
SC12-1 Question Less than 300€
SC12-2 Question 301-630€
SC12-3 Question 631-800€
SC12-4 Question 801-1000€
SC12-5 Question 1001-1220€
SC12-6 Question 1221-1500€
SC12-7 Question 1501-1800€
SC12-8 Question 1801-2300€
SC12-9 Question 2301-3700€
SC12-10 Question Over 3701€
SC12-11 Question Don’t know/ Don’t remember
SC13 Question Using a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 means “poor”, 5 means “average income” of Greek households, and 10 means “wealthy”, where would you place your household according to its current income?
SC14 Question Were there times since 2010, where you had to borrow money, in order to pay for a regular or an unexpected obligation, by…
SC15 Question If so, how often have you borrowed?
SC16 Question Have you or any other household member been forced to sell a valuable asset since 2010 in order to finance an important necessity?
SC17 Question Were there times since 2010 where you were owed money from various sources which you expected for a significant amount of time and have been delayed for over 3 months?
SC18 Question Is there any member of your household (you or your children/grandchildren if there is any) who lost his/her job during the crisis?
SC19 Question Is there any member of your household who lost his/her social insurance for health care since 2010 (that is became uninsured)?
SC20 Question Since 2010 have you been forced to move out from your house and move in (co-residence) with relatives (parents/children) in order to save money or because the lack of it?
SC21 Question Thinking the last years since 2010, have you accumulated debts towards to tax authorities, social security funds, banks, PPC or any other utilities?
SC22 Question During the crisis have you limited any of the following activities?
SC22-1 Question Dining out, cinema, theater
SC22-2 Question Less frequent holydays
SC22-3 Question Sold a car or motorcycle
SC22-4 Question Less frequent gifts exchanges
SC22-5 Question Postponed expensive activities for the future, such as home repairs, appliances replacements
SC23 Question Has any of the following happened to you since 2010 cause of inability to repaid debts?
SC24 Question In general, which of the following monthly expenditures you are trying to cover first according to their priority? (up to 2 answer categories)
SC25 Question How much your living standards have been affected by tax raises and the raised prices of services and basic goods?
SC25-1 Question Property tax
SC25-2 Question Income tax
SC25-3 Question Indirect taxes (that is VAT, tax on cigarettes etc.)
SC25-4 Question Heating cost (i.e. taxes on heating oil/gas)
SC25-5 Question Utility bills
SC26 Question How do you think your household’s financial situation will be in a year from now?
SC27 Question Finally, please state your sex and birth year:
SC27-a Question please state your sex
SC27-b Question I was born in (year)