SC. Self completion Austria

SC. Self completion Austria SHARE 2015

Label Type Description
SC1 Question Do you have supplemental health insurance?
SC2 Question Please state your reasons for not having taken out supplemental health insurance.
SC3 Question Do you have supplemental long-term care insurance?
SC4 Question Please state your reasons for not having taken out supplemental long-term care insurance
SC5 Question Imagine a situation in the future that leaves you unable to perform one or several of the basic activities listed below. With which of them would family members help you? For which of them would you rather employ mobile nurses or move into a care facility
SC5-a Question Getting dressed
SC5-b Question Bathing or showering
SC5-c Question Moving around rooms
SC5-d Question Getting into bed or out of bed
SC5-e Question Using the toilet, sitting down for it and getting up again
SC5-f Question Preparing a warm meal
SC5-g Question Shopping groceries
SC5-h Question Taking my medication
SC5-i Question Gardening or domestic chores, such as cleaning, washing-up and laundry
SC5-j Question Financial matters
SC6 Question How much would you be prepared to invest in a monthly insurance (statutory or supplementary) that covers the services listed above?
SC7 Question How do you manage daily errands?
SC7-a Question Walking
SC7-b Question By bike
SC7-c Question By moped or motorbike (driving myself)
SC7-d Question By car (driving myself)
SC7-e Question By car (as a passenger)
SC7-f Question Using public transportation (metro, bus, train, etc.)
SC8 Question How much do the following statements apply to you?
SC8-a Question I depend on others (relatives or friends) to run errands for me or help me get to where I want, as I do not have access to a convenient means of transport.
SC8-b Question I run errands for others (relatives or friends) or help them get to where they want, as they do not have access to a convenient means of transport.
SC9 Question Which of the following facilities/events/persons do you find difficult getting to without help?
SC9-a Question Shopping
SC9-b Question Doctors
SC9-c Question Local authorities
SC9-d Question Friends and acquaintances
SC9-e Question Leisure facilities
SC9-f Question Excursions
SC9-g Question Evening events
SC10 Question Would you be prepared to use technical equipment such as computers, smartphones (phones with internet) or tablets (portable minicomputers) to help with one of the activities listed below?
SC11 Question Look at the following list of technical innovations. Please tell us your attitude to-wards each of them.
SC11-a Question Portable minicomputer (tablet)
SC11-b Question Phone with internet ac-cess (Smartphone)
SC11-c Question Fitness wearable
SC11-d Question Social media networks, e.g. Facebook
SC11-e Question Computers that can be voice-controlled
SC11-f Question A system that can deter-mine my location and alert relatives in an emergency case
SC11-g Question Auto Fall Alert
SC11-h Question Personal Emergency Response System
SC11-i Question Safety feature that automatically switches off the electric cooker if necessary
SC11-j Question Body fat monitors
SC11-k Question Electronic health record (ELGA)
SC12 Question Finally, please state your sex and birth year:
SC12-a Question please state your sex
SC12-b Question I was born in (year)