J. Interviewers Observation

J. Interviewers Observation Module of JSTAR 2013

Label Type Description
11J-001 Question Did anyone answer all or part of the questions in the interview on behalf of the respondent? If so, who answered? Select all that apply.
11J-002 Question During the interview, did anyone (other than the respondent and his/her proxy) influence any of the respondent’s answer? Select all that apply.
11J-003 Question Which of the following best describes the respondent’s attitude during the interview?
11J-004 Question Why did the respondent become non-cooperative through the course of the interview? Select all that apply.
11J-005 Question What made the respondent unwilling to cooperate? Describe specifically.
11J-006 Question Did the respondent ask you to repeat the questions?
11J-007 Question Overall, how was the respondent’s understanding of the questions?
11J-010 Question Based on your observation, how would you describe the respondent’s standard of living?