D. Health Status-Spouse

D. Health Status-Spouse Module of JSTAR 2013

Label Type Description
11D-017 Question If the respondent has a spouse, go to 11D-018; otherwise, go to 11F-000.
11D-018 Question I would like to ask about the current health status of your spouse. Which of the following best describes your spouse’s current health status?
11D-019 Question I will read out a series of daily activities. I would like you to tell me whether your spouse has difficulty in performing each activity due to poor health conditions.
11D-019-7 Question Walking 100 meters
11D-019-8 Question Sitting in a chair for two hours continuously
11D-019-9 Question Getting up from a chair after sitting continuously for a long time
11D-019-10 Question Walking several steps up the stairs without using the handrail
11D-019-11 Question Taking one step up the stairs without using the handrail
11D-019-12 Question Squatting or kneeling
11D-019-13 Question Raising his/her arms above his/her shoulders
11D-019-14 Question Pushing or pulling a large object such as a chair or sofa
11D-019-15 Question Lifting or carrying an object weighing 5kg or more, such as a bag of rice
11D-019-16 Question Picking up a small object such as a one-yen coin from a desktop with his/her fingers
11D-020 Question I will read out the names of a series of illnesses. Has your spouse either been diagnosed with or advised to seek medical care for those illnesses?
11D-020-1 Question Heart disease (angina, heart failure, cardiac infarction, heart valve disease, etc.)
11D-020-2 Question High blood pressure
11D-020-3 Question Hyperlipidemia
11D-020-4 Question Cerebral stroke, cerebrovascular accident
11D-020-5 Question Diabetes
11D-020-6 Question Chronic lung disease (chronic bronchitis, emphysema, etc.; excluding lung cancer)
11D-020-7 Question Liver disease (hepatitis B or C, hepatic cirrhosis, etc.; excluding liver cancer)
11D-020-8 Question Joint disorder (arthritis, rheumatism)
11D-020-9 Question Eye disease (cataracts, glaucoma, etc.)
11D-020-10 Question Bladder disorder (incontinence/, difficulty in urinating, enlarged prostate)
11D-020-11 Question Parkinson’s disease
11D-020-12 Question Depression, emotional disorder
11D-020-13 Question Dementia
11D-020-14 Question Skin disorder
11D-020-15 Question Cancer or other malignant tumor (including leukemia, lymphoma; excluding benign skin cancer)
11D-022 Question Interviewer read-out: This concludes this section. Thank you for your cooperation