HW. House Ownership

Module HW. House Ownership of TILDA 2016

Label Type Description
HW100 Question Now I have a question about [your/Rname’s] residence outside the nursing home. [Do/Does] [you/he/she] still own or rent a residence outside the nursing home?
HW100a Question Is this the residence in which [you/he/she] [were/was] living at the time of the last interview?
HW100b Question Could I ask you for the address of this other residence
HW101 Question Please look at card HW1. Now I have a few questions about [your/Rname’s] main place of residence [by main place of residence I mean the place [you/he/she] [reside/resides] in most of the time].
HW101oth Question Other (specify)
HW103 Question How many rooms does [your/his/her] property have?
HW104 Question In what year was the property constructed?
HW105 Question With regard to the main residence [outside of nursing home] Is the dwelling…
HW106 Question [Did/Does] [you/Rname] or [your/his/her] spouse/partner receive any rent from this property in the last year?
HW107 Question How much income or rent did [you/Rname] or [your/his/her] spouse/partner receive from that property in the last year, after any expenses and taxes?
HW108 Question In your opinion, about how much would this property fetch if it were to be sold today? (IWER: Record the amount in actual euro i.e. if the value is four hundred thousand euro enter 400000, not 400)
HW108A Question Would this amount to a total of less than ____ , more than ____ , or what? PROCEDURES: 2Up1Down, 1Up2Down BREAKPOINTS: €100,000, €200,000, €400,000, €700,000. RANDOM ENTRY POINTS: €200,000, €400,000.
HW109 Question Is [your/his/her] property
HW110 Question How much is [your/his/her] present monthly mortgage repayment? IWER: ASK RESPONDENT TO CHECK THIS ON A BANK STATEMENT IF POSSIBLE.
HW111 Question In what year was [your/his/her] mortgage taken out? If more than one mortgage taken out, please give year of most recent mortgage.
HW112 Question What is the term of [your/his/her] mortgage (in years)?
HW113 Question Excluding interest, how much of the principal amount remains outstanding?
HW114 Question [Do/Does] [you/he/she] rent this property from [your/his/her] Local Authority?
HW115 Question How much rent [do/does] [you/he/she] pay weekly to the local authority?
HW116 Question How much rent did [you/he/she] pay (before rent allowances, if applicable) in the last month?
HW118 Question For how many years [have you lived /did you live/has Rname lived/ did Rname live] at [this/that] address?
HW119 Question What type of piped water supply does [your/his/her] accommodation have?