EX. Expectations

EX. Expectations Module of SHARE 2017

Label Type Description
EX601 Question IWER:Start of a Non-proxy section. No proxy allowed. If the respondent is not present or not capable to give consent to participation on her/his own, please select '5'. INTRO EX_PROXY
EX029 Question Now, I have a question about praying. Think ing about the present, how often do you pray?
EX001 Question Now, I have questions about how lik ely you think various events might be. When I ask a question I'd lik e for you to give me a number from 0 to 100.Let's try an example together and start with the weather. Look ing at card {SHOWCARD_ID}, what do you think the chances are that it will be sunny tomorrow? For example,'90' would mean a 90 per cent chance of sunny weather. You can say any number from 0 to 100.
EX007 Question (Please look at card 39.)What are the chances that before you retire the government will reduce the pension which you are entitled to?
EX025 Question (Please look at card 39.) Think ing about your work generally and not just your present job, what are the chances that you will be work ing full-time after you reach age 63?
EX008 Question (Please look at card 39.)What are the chances that before you retire the government will raise your retirement age?
EX009 Question (Please look at card 39.) What are the chances that you will live to be age [ {Current age rounded up to 5 fold}] or more?
EX026 Question Now I would like to ask a question about how you view other people. Generally speaking, would you say that most people can be trusted or that you can't be too careful in dealing with people? Not looking at card 39 anymore, please tell me on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 means you can't be too careful and 10 means that most people can be trusted.
EX110 Question Please look at card 40. When people invest their savings they can choose between assets that give low return with little risk to lose money, for instance a bank account or a safe bond, or assets with a high return but also a higher risk of losing money, for instance stocks and shares. Which of the statements on the card comes closest to the amount of financial risk that you are willing to take when you save or make investments?
EX111 Question In planning your saving and spending, which of the following time periods is most important to you?
EX028 Question In politics people sometimes talk of left and right. On a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 means the left and 10 means the right, where would you place yourself?
EX600 Question IWER:Is the respondent's partner available and willing to be interviewed in this session or are you doing a proxy interview for the partner in this session? If the partner or proxy refuses to conduct an interview, please set a refusal code for the partner or proxy in the SMS after finishing the CAPI. PARTNER AVAILABLE AND WILLING TO PARTICIPATE
EX101 Question Before we finish, could you please also give me some information on [your/your] [husband/wife/partner/partner], who is not doing the interview today?
EX602 Question How many years has [ your/ your/ your/ your] [ husband/ wife/ partner/ partner] been in school all together?
EX603 Question In general, how would you describe the current employment situation of [your/your] [husband/wife/partner/partner]?
EX613 Question What is the most recent job [your/your] [husband/wife/partner/partner] {FL_EX613_3} had? NAME OR TITLE OF JOB PARTNER
EX104 Question Has [your/your/your/your] [husband/wife/partner/partner] ever done any paid work ?
EX105 Question In [his/her] [last/current/last] job, [was/is/was] [your/your/your/your] [husband/wife/partner/partner] a private sector employee, a public sector employee or a selfemployed?
EX023 Question IWER: CHECK: Who answered the questions in this section? NON PROXY
EX123 Question It has not been decided yet but we are think ing about continuing this research project in one or two years with another, much shorter interview. For this reason, we hopethat it is ok with you that we k eep your name and address in our files, so that we can contact you again. Is this ok ?
EX024 Question Thank you. This was the last question. We would lik e to thank you very much again for participating in our research project. We k now it has been a long and difficultquestionnaire, but your help was really important. With your participation you have helped researchers to understand how the ageing of populations in Europe affects ourfuture.
EX106 Question IWER: Take a drop-off questionnaire and fill in first name and respondent id {RespondentID} on the drop-off cover. Enter drop-off serial number from drop-off questionnaire to CAPI below. Hand out drop-off questionnaire to respondent.
EX709 Question What are the chances that you will live to be age [{Current age rounded up to 5 fold}] or more? IWER: R should say a number fro