CAMS. Mail survey

CAMS. Mail survey for HRS 2001

Label Type Description
A1_01 Question A1. Watch TV
A2_01 Question A2. Read papers/mags
A3_01 Question A3. Read books
A4_01 Question A4. Listen music
A5_01 Question A5. Sleep/Nap
A6_01 Question A6. Walk
A7_01 Question A7. Sports/Exercise
A8_01 Question A8. Visit in person
A9_01 Question A9. Phone/Letters/Email
A10_01 Question A10. Work for pay
A11_01 Question A11. Use computer
A12_01 Question A12. Pray/meditate
A13_01 Question A13. House cleaning
A14_01 Question A14. Wash/Iron/Mend
A15_01 Question A15. Yard work/garden
A16_01 Question A16. Shop/Run errands
A17_01 Question A17. Meals Prep/Clean-up
A18_01 Question A18. Personal grooming
A19_01 Question A19. Pet care
A20_01 Question A20. Show affection
A21_01 Question A21. Help Others
A22_01 Question A22. Volunteer work
A23_01 Question A23. Religious attendance
A24_01 Question A24. Attend meetings
A25_01 Question A25. Money management
A26_01 Question A26. Self Care
A27_01 Question A27. Play cards/games/puzzles
A28_01 Question A28. Concerts/Movies/Lectures
A29_01 Question A29. Sing/Play music
A30_01 Question A30. Arts and crafts
A31_01 Question A31. Home improvements
A32_01 Question A32. Days away overnight
A33_01 Question A33. Often use mind
A34_01 Question A34. Often use body
A35_01 Question A35. Often active w. others
A36_01 Question A36. Often benefit others
A37_01 Question A37. Who answer questionnaire
A38_01 Question A38. Section A: Time
B1_01 Question B1. Purchase/lease auto
B1A_1_01 Question B1a_1. Auto make - 1
B1A_2_01 Question B1a_2. Auto model - 1
B1A_3_01 Question B1a_3. Auto year - 1
B1A_4_01 Question B1a_4. Auto price - 1
B1B_1_01 Question B1b_1. Auto make - 2
B1B_2_01 Question B1b_2. Auto model - 2
B1B_3_01 Question B1b_3. Auto year - 2
B1B_4_01 Question B1b_4. Auto price - 2
B1C_1_01 Question B1c_1. Auto make - 3
B1C_2_01 Question B1c_2. Auto model - 3
B1C_3_01 Question B1c_3. Auto year - 3
B1C_4_01 Question B1c_4. Auto price - 3
B2_01 Question B2. Buy refrigerator
B2A_01 Question B2a. Refrigerator price
B3_01 Question B3. Buy washer/dryer
B3A_01 Question B3a. Washer/dryer price
B4_01 Question B4. Buy diswasher
B4A_01 Question B4a. Dishwasher price
B5_01 Question B5. Buy television
B5A_01 Question B5a. Television price
B6_01 Question B6. Buy computer
B6A_01 Question B6a. Computer price
B7_01 Question B7. Mortgage
B7A_01 Question B7a. Mortagage - Per
B8_01 Question B8. Home/Rent Ins.
B8A_01 Question B8a. Home/Rent Ins - Per
B9_01 Question B9. Property Tax
B9A_01 Question B9a. Property Tax - Per
B10_01 Question B10. Rent
B10A_01 Question B10a. Rent - Per
B11_01 Question B11. Electricity
B11A_01 Question B11a. Electricity - Per
B12_01 Question B12. Water
B12A_01 Question B12a. Water - Per
B13_01 Question B13. Heat
B13A_01 Question B13a. Heat - Per
B14_01 Question B14. Phone/Cable/Internet
B14A_01 Question B14a. Phone/Cable - Per
B15_01 Question B15. Auto Finance chrg
B15A_01 Question B15a. Auto Finance - Per
B16_01 Question B16. Auto Insurance
B16A_01 Question B16a. Auto Insur - Per
B17_01 Question B17. Health Insurance
B17A_01 Question B17a. Health Insur - Per
B18_01 Question B18. House/Yard supplies
B18A_01 Question B18a. House/Yard - Per
B19_01 Question B19. Home Maintain
B19A_01 Question B19a. Home Maintain - Per
B20_01 Question B20. Food/Drink Grocery
B20A_01 Question B20. Food/Drink Groc - Per
B21_01 Question B21. Dining Out
B21A_01 Question B21a. Dining Out - Per
B22_01 Question B22. Clothing
B22A_01 Question B22a. Clothing - Per
B23_01 Question B23. Gasoline
B23A_01 Question B23a. Gasoline - Per
B24_01 Question B24. Vehicle service
B24A_01 Question B24a. Vehicle service - Per
B25_01 Question B25. Drugs
B25A_01 Question B25a. Drugs - Per
B26_01 Question B26. Health Services
B26A_01 Question B26a. Health Services - Per
B27_01 Question B27. Medical Supplies
B27A_01 Question B27a. Med Supplies - Per
B28_01 Question B28. Vacations
B28A_01 Question B28a. Vacations - Per
B29_01 Question B29. Tickets
B29A_01 Question B29a. Tickets - Per
B30_01 Question B30. Hobbies
B30A_01 Question B30a. Hobbies - Per
B31_01 Question B31. Contributions
B31A_01 Question B31a. Contributions - Per
B32_01 Question B32. Gifts
B32A_01 Question B32a. Gifts - Per
B33_01 Question B33. HH spent
B33A_01 Question B33a. HH amt spent more
B33B_01 Question B33b. HH amt spent less
B34_01 Question B34. 20% More income
B34A_01 Question B34a. % spend
B34B_01 Question B34b. % save
B35M1_01 Question B35M1. What the extra income spend on
B35M2_01 Question B35M2. What the extra income spend on
B35M3_01 Question B35M3. What the extra income spend on
B35M4_01 Question B35M4. What the extra income spend on
B35M5_01 Question B35M5. What the extra income spend on
B35M6_01 Question B35M6. What the extra income spend on
B36_01 Question B36. 20% Less income
B36A_01 Question B36a. % Cut spending
B37M1_01 Question B37M1. What items spent the less on
B37M2_01 Question B37M2. What items spent the less on
B37M3_01 Question B37M3. What items spent the less on
B37M4_01 Question B37M4. What items spent the less on
B37M5_01 Question B37M5. What items spent the less on
B37M6_01 Question B37M6. What items spent the less on
B38_01 Question B38. Are you retired
B38A_01 Question B38a. Retired Spending change how
B38B_01 Question B38b. Retired Spending change %
B38D_01 Question B38d. Not Retired Spend change how
B38E_01 Question B38e. Not Retired Spend change %
B39A_01 Question B39a. Trips
B39B_01 Question B39b. Clothes
B39C_01 Question B39c. Eat out
B39D_01 Question B39d. Home/household
B39E_01 Question B39e. Entertainment
B39F_01 Question B39f. Auto expenses
B40_01 Question B40. Who answer questionnaire
B41_01 Question B41. Section B: Time
C1_01 Question C1. Marital Status
C2M1_01 Question C2M1. Working Status
C2M2_01 Question C2M2. Working Status
C2M3_01 Question C2M3.Working Status
C3_01 Question C3. Any presciption medications
C4_01 Question C4. Who answer questionnaire
C5_01 Question C5. Section C: Time