Financial Assets

Financial Assets of HAGIS Pilot

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Q8_1 Question Imagine that five brothers are given a gift of £1,000. If the brothers have to share the money equally how much does each one get?
Q8_2 Question Now imagine that the brothers have to wait for one year to get their share of the £1,000 and inflation stays at 0.6 percent. In one year's time they will be able to buy...?
Q8_3 Question You lend £25 to a friend one evening and he gives you £25 back the next day. How much interest has he paid on this loan?
Q8_4 Question Suppose you put £100 into a no fee savings account with a guaranteed interest rate of 2% per year. You don't make any further payments into this account and you don't withdraw any money.
Q8_5 Question And, how much would be in the account at the end of five years [add if necessary: remembering there are no fees]? Would it be:
Q8_6 Question It is usually possible to reduce the risk of investing in the stock market by buying a wide range of stocks and shares.
Q8_7 Question How confident do you feel that the answers you have provided so far are correct?
Q8_8 Question An investment with a high return is likely to be high risk
Q8_9 Question High inflation means that the cost of living is increasing rapidly
Q8_10 Question There is a TV of the same make and model on sale in two different shops. The recommended retail price is £1,100. One shop offers a discount £125, while the other shop offers a 10% discount. Which offer is the better bargain?
Q8_11 Question If I deposited £1000 in a bank that was paying a negative interest rate and withdrew my money a year later, would I receive?
Q8_12 Question Pension reforms mean that you can invest your pension savings as you wish. If you had saved £50,000 and were about to retire, how would you use this lump sum to support your retirement?