Retire of HAGIS Pilot

Label Type Description
Q7_1 Question How old will you be (in years and months) when you reach the State Pension age? INTERVIEWER: Enter age in year and months.
Q7_2 Question I would now like to ask you some questions with regards to the arrangements you are making to prepare for retirement.^ !f('Q212').toBoolean() && f('Q35').toBoolean()?" You are now aged "+f('MinAge2')+".":""^ ______('Q212').toBoolean()?" You are now aged "+f('MinAge1')+".":""^ At what age do you expect to retire?
Q7_3 Question What are your main reasons for wanting to work after you have reached the State Pension Age?
Q7_4 Question Why do you want to retire early?
Q7_5 Question Have you deferred your or has your spouse/partner deferred their state pension?
Q7_6 Question Which are you or is your spouse/partner planning to claim in the future: a lump sum or higher weekly income?
Q7_7 Question At what age are you or is your spouse/partner planning to claim this any lump sum/any higher pension scheme?
Q7_7_1 Question Age
Q7_7_2 Question MONTH
Q7_7_3 Question YEAR
Q7_8 Question Are you a member of an occupational pension scheme organised by your current employer (including public sector employers)?
Q7_9 Question Do you have a private pension plan or annuity?
Q7_10 Question Does your current employer offer any kind of pension scheme to its employees which you could join if you wished?
Q7_11 Question Why aren't you a member of this pension scheme?
Q7_13 Question Prior to your current employment, have you ever been retired?
Q7_14 Question What were your main reasons for returning to work after retirement?
Q7_16 Question In your previous employment, were you part of your employer's pension scheme?
Q7_17 Question Why weren't you a member of this pension scheme?PROBE: What else?
Q7_19 Question You now have more options about what you can do with your pension savings compared to two years ago. Were you aware of this?
Q7_20 Question How are you likely to use your pension savings?
Q7_22 Question Do you feel that you have received enough information about your expected pension at retirement?
Q7_23 Question How do you plan to cope financially once you reach retirement age?
Q7_25 Question From whom do you normally get information on how pension schemes operate?
Q7_26 Question I want to ask about how your current financial situation compares to your expectations prior to retirement/reaching retirement age. Is your current financial situation:
Q7_28 Question Since you retired, have you ever thought about returning to work?
Q7_29 Question Since you retired, have you ever thought about returning to work because you expect that in the future your pension will not be able to support you financially?
Q7_30 Question Since you retired, have you ever thought about borrowing money to help you cope financially?
Q7_31 Question Would you ever consider exchanging your annuity for cash?
Q7_32 Question Is this the first time you have been retired?
Q7_33 Question When you were retired previously, what was your main reason for returning to work?
Q7_35 Question When you reached the state pension age did you...