D. Control and Health Services

Module D. Control and Health Services of MHAS 2015

Label Type Description
D1 Question Do you have the right to medical attention in...?
D2 Question Do you have the right to these medical services because you are...?
D3a Question Then, you do not have the right to medical services in any institution?
D3b Question Since the last time we spoke with you, did you have major surgery (you ever had major surgery in the last three or four years)?
D3c Question Specify the year (or years).
D4 Question In the past year, about how many nights did you stay in a hospital overnight?
D5 Question Where did you receive the service(s)?
D6 Question Altogether, about how much did you pay for these hospitalizations?
D7 Question Would you say that it was...
D7a Question More than $6,000 pesos?
D7b Question More than $3,000 pesos?
D7c Question More than $24,000 pesos?
D8 Question In the last year, how often...
D8a Question ...have you consulted with a homeopath or folk healer?
D8b Question ...have you visited a dentist?
D8c Question ... have you had outpatient procedures, not counting stays in the hospital?
D8d Question ...have you visited or consulted a doctor or medical personnel?
D9 Question Including all visits, how much did you pay for these services?
D9a Question Homeopath or folk healer
D9b Question Dentist
D9c Question Outpatient procedures, not counting stays in the hospital
D9d Question A doctor or medical personnel
D10 Question Would you say that it was...
D10a Question More than $1,500 pesos?
D10b Question More than $300 pesos?
D10c Question More than $12,000 pesos?
D11 Question In the last year, consulted a pharmacist about health?
D12a Question In the last year, in a normal month how much did you pay for you medications?
D12b_c Question More than $1,500 pesos?
D12c Question In the last year, have you stopped taking medications because of excessive cost?
D13 Question In the last year, who paid for most of the medical expenses?
D14 Question Which child paid most?
D15 Question In last five years, was there an incident of serious health where you did not go to a doctor?
D16 Question Why didn't you go to the doctor
D16a Question Thought he/she wouldn't make it better
D16b Question Thought it would take too long to get there
D16c Question Did not have the money
D16d Question Did not want to bother anyone to take you
D16e Question Afraid of what doctor might find
D17 Question Where would you go for minor health problem
D18 Question Where would you go for a major health problem
D19 Question I am organized. For example, in my house everything has its own place.
D20 Question I am responsible. Usually I meet my duties the best that I can.
D21 Question I am dedicated. I strive to do more than is expected of me.
D22 Question I'm careless. Often I hasten to act without thinking about the consequences.
D23 Question I'm thorough. That is, I tend to do things with attention to details.
D24 Question I am disciplined. Usually I try to do what I think is supposed to be done.
D25 Question I'm going to read what people say sometimes about their lives. For each statement, please tell me if you: Agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or disagree.
D25a Question There's no sense in planning a lot for the future
D25b Question The really good things that happen to you are mostly luck
D25c Question One is responsible for his/her own success
D25d Question One can do just about anything he/she puts his/her mind to
D25e Question Most of one's problems are due to bad luck
D25f Question One has little control over the bad things that happen to him/her
D25g Question One's misfortunes are the result of his/her own mistakes
D25h Question One is responsible for his/her own failures
D27 Question Indicate if the respondent is married or in a consensual union
D28 Question When one tries to make important family decisions, who has more weight in the decisions-you or your spouse?
D29 Question Do you have much more say in decisions or just a little more
D30 Question Would you say that he/she has much more weight in decision-making than you, or just a little more weight?
D31 Question When one has to make an important personal decision like going to see a doctor or having surgery, how much weight would you have in the decision? Would you say that...
D32 Question When one has to make the final decision regarding medical treatment, would you say you prefer...
D33 Question Below are five affirmations that you may or may not remember. Please give your response for each case. Answer open and honestly
D33a Question For the majority of things, my life is close to ideal
D33b Question The conditions of my life are excellent
D33c Question I am happy with my life
D33d Question Until now, I have gained the things that are important to me in life
D33e Question If born again, I would hardly change anything about my life
D34 Question The following questions refer to specific activities that one can do in their daily life. I ask that you please me if you do any of these activities within the last yea...
D34a Question Take care of a sick or disabled adult
D34b Question Take care of children less than 12 years old
D34c Question Work as a volunteer or help with a non-profit organization without pay or compensation
D34d Question Assist in a lecture, seminar or class
D34e Question Assist with a sport or social club
D34f Question Read a book, newspaper or magazine
D34g Question Do crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles or games with numbers (sudoku)
D34h Question Play games like cards, dominos or chess
D34i Question Talk to friends or relatives by phone or use a computer to send email or use the internet
D34j Question Do household chores, home repairs, yardwork, etc.
D34k Question Watch television
D34l Question Sew, embroider, knitting or other handcrafts
D35 Question The following questions refer to how you feel about different aspects of your life. For each, please tell me how often you feel...
D35a Question Like you need company
D35b Question Ignored by others
D35c Question Isolated or separated from others
D36 Question INTERVIEWER: How frequently did the respondent need help to answer Section D. Control and Health Services?
D12b_a Question More than $300 pesos?
D12b_b Question More than $150 pesos?
D12b Question Would you say that it was...?