C4. Cognition

Module C4. Cognition of survey KLoSAw5

Label Type Description
C400 Question Before we go on to the next section, I would like to check if you are a proxy respondent. Are you [R's name]?
C401 Question Now I'm going to ask several simple questions. Some may be easy and some may be hard to answer. Though some questions are may be too easy, don't misunderstand it as contempt. For the difficult questions, don't be disappointed. Please try to answer as honestly as you can. Are you ready? Please tell me today's date.[IWER: R doesn't have to answer in this order. If R is an elderly person and says the date according to the lunar calendar and it matches with the solar calendar, that date is considered correct. Check the accuracy, using the converter.]3 All of the month / day / year combination are correct
C402 Question What day of the week is it today? Is it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?
C403 Question What is the current season (among Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter)?
C404 Question What is this place used for?[IWER: If R gives a specific description of the place, such as my home, family house, general house, senior citizens' center, hospital, a place to live, a place to treat sick people, oo apartment, oo village, his/her answer is considered correct.]
C405 Question What is your address? Please tell me the city(Do), Gu (Si, Gun), Dong (Eup, Gun, Myon), #/Street Number. [IWER: It is possible to repeat the question if R has missed one of the four components. It is also OK to ask a question containing the name of the present location (e.g. Is here Busan/Gyeongsang-do?).]3 Three of the city(Do) / Gu(Si, Gun) / dong(Eup, Gun, Myon) / street address combination are correct4 All of the city(Do) / Gu(Si, Gun) / dong(Eup, Gun, Myon) / street address combination are correct
C406 Question [IWER: Tidy up the surroundings and start!]Please listen carefully as I read three words because I cannot repeat them. When I finish, I will ask you to recall aloud as many of the words as you can, in any order. Are you ready?[IWER: Read the items at a slow and steady pace and stop for one second before reading the next word If R is unable to recall all three words or can recall only a few words, repeat the words up to 5 times including the first try until he/she can recall all of them. Stop the process even after the R can't recall the words after 5 tries. Answers given by repetition should be treated as incorrect ones.]3 All of the three words are correct, in any order
C407 Question Try to remember the words I just read to you. I'll ask you to recall them later. [Read once more if R did not recall any of the words, up to 3 times and go on. If R does not recall, reassure him/her that it is OK to make him/her feel comfortable.] Let's do some subtraction this time. What are 100 minus 7?[IWER: If R is unable to solve complex calculations, mark '0 (incorrect answer)' for all of questions C407 - C411. Instead, ask simple questions such as "What is 100 minus 30?" or "What is 10 minus 3?" for about 3 minutes, but no longer.]______(Mark the number what the R said)
C408 Question And 7 from that?(Mark the number what the R said)
C409 Question And 7 from that?(Mark the number what the R said)
C410 Question And 7 from that?(Mark the number what the R said)
C411 Question Finally and 7 from that?(Mark the number what the R said)
C412 Question A little while ago, I read you a list of words and you repeated the ones you could remember. Please tell me any of the words that you remember now. 3 All of the three words are correct, in any order
C413 Question [IWER: Pointing to item #1] What is this?[IWER: The item can be anything within close reach, such as a cell phone, gloves, a hat and a ring. The elderly tend to call all types of writing instruments 'pencil', so consider the answer correct if they say 'pencil' instead of 'pen'.]
C414 Question [IWER: Pointing to item #2] What is this?[IWER: If R calls a watch "clock", the answer is considered correct.]
C415 Question Now you have to exactly repeat what I say. Are you ready? Please listen carefully.[IWER: 1 Tidy up the surroundings. 2 Read the sentences aloud at a slow and steady pace. 3 Mark 'Incorrect' if the pronunciation is unclear, except when R has no teeth or problems in oral structure. In principle, no point should be given if R has failed on the first try but succeeded on the second try. However, if R is deemed to have been distracted on the first try, the IWER may get him/her to pay attention and repeat the question. Mark 'Correct' if the right answer is given.]
C416 Question [IWER: tidy up the space in front of R and start. IWER pick up the prepared A4 paper and read it. Definitely do not take any gesture suggesting turning it over, folding it in half and giving it to you] Now, listen carefully and follow my directions. Are you ready? When I give you a piece of paper, please turn it over, fold it in half, and give it back to me.[IWER: 3 All of the turning / folding / returning actions are completed successfully
C417 Question [IWER: Make sure R doesn't see the test paper with "close your eyes" written on it before asking the question. Make sure that someone does not read the sentence to R.] I will show you a sentence. Please read the sentence aloud and act it out.[IWER: After presenting the paper, if R do not close eyes, then read it only one more time]3 R did both tasks
C418 Question [IWER: Give R a pen and point to the blank part of the paper.] Please write one sentence about how you're feeling today or about today's weather.
C419 Question [IWER: Show the picture of two pentagons overlapped.] Do you see this picture? Please draw that picture on this paper.
C420 Question [IWER: C4. COGNITION is ended. Please press save button.] How often did R receive assistance in answering section C4–COGNITION?
C451 Question [IWER: Section C4–COGNITION cannot be done by a proxy respondent.]