C5. Grip Strength

Module C5. Grip Strength of survey KLoSAw5

Label Type Description
C500 Question Before we go on to the next section, I would like to check if you are a proxy respondent. Are you [R's name]?
C501 Question Now I would like to measure the strength of your hand in a gripping action. Which is your dominant hand?
C502 Question I will ask you to squeeze this handle as hard as you can, just for a couple of seconds and then let go. I will take alternately two measurements from your right and left hands. If your one hand is inconvenient, then measure only the other hand. Are you willing to do this test?
C503 Question Before we begin, I'd like to make sure it is safe for you to do this test. Have you had any surgery within the last six months, or experienced any swelling, inflammation, severe pain, or injury in one or both hands that might prevent you from gripping?
C504 Question Which hand hurts?
C505 Question [IWER: Why didn't R complete the grip strength test?] (Select all that apply.)
C506 Question If others, please specify.
C510 Question [IWER Check item] Are you sure unit of the dynamometer was kg and the scale of the dynamometer was set to zero.
C511 Question [IWER: What was R's position for this test?]
C512 Question [IWER: Did R receive a support while performing this test?]
C513 Question [IWER: How much effort did R give to this measurement?]
C514 Question [IWER: Proxy response is not allowed for C5 BODY FUNCTION MEASURING section]