CV. Coverscreen

CV. Coverscreen Module of SHARE 2015

Label Type Description
SC001 Question The CoverScreen Wizard
SC002 Question CoverscreenWizardNursingHomePage
SC003 Question CoverscreenWizardIntroPageintroParticipated
SC004 Question Intro
SC005 Question Before beginning the interview, I need to ask a few questions about each household member, like name, sex, and date of birth. Let's start with you.
SC006 Question What is your name?
SC007 Question IWER: IWER: Select the person who is verifying the coverscreen data, or if this person is not known to the system, type in his or her name. The last name is optional.
SC008 Question verify with the respondent that the other household members
SC009 Question Do you (still) live in this household?
SC010 Question You are about to interview [{NAME}]
SC011 Question Please move back to the previous question and select a person who is living in the household. The proxy should answer the questions in the coverscreen as if the proxy were the selected person
SC012 Question Can you give me your personal details?
SC013 Question IWER: Please ask for name, month and year of birth, and gender
SC014 Question In which month and year did you move into this household
SC015 Question Does [{NAME}] (still) live in this nursing home?
SC016 Question I am sorry to hear that [{NAME}] deceased.
SC017 Question Is the name of [{NAME}] / [{LASTNAME}] spelled correctly?
SC018 Question Is [{NAME}] [{GENDER}]? IWER: note sex of respondent from observation (ask if unsure).
SC019 Question CoverscreenWizardRespondentConfirmationPage:RELATION_TO_CV_R
SC020 Question CoverscreenWizardRespondentConfirmationPage:BIRTH
SC021 Question When did [{FL_NAME}] die? Can you tell me the month and year?
SC022 Question In which month and year did [{FL_NAME}] join this household?
SC023 Question In which month and year did [{FL_NAME}] move out?
SC024 Question May I ask why [{NAME}] left the household?
CS025 Question Does anyone else live in this household?
SC026 Question Can you give me the name, month and year of birth and gender of this person?
SC027 Question [{NAME}] has moved out since our last visit. Do you know [{FL_HIS_HER}] address?
SC028 Question move in
SC029 Question info
SC030 Question [{FL_NAME}] never lived in this household.
SC031 Question Do you have a partner that lives in this household? IWER: If spouse/partner lives outside the household (e.g. in a nursing home), code 5. (no)
SC032 Question No address information is provided.
SC033 Question Does [{MEMBER}] have a partner that lives in this household?
SC034 Question Birth date is not known.
SC035 Question I know this might be difficult to talk about. Has anyone who was a member of your household in [{FL_MONTH--}] [{FL_YEAR--}] died?
SC036 Question [{FL_HISHER}] new address is [{FL_ADDRESS}].
SC037 Question [{^FL_HISHER}] address is [{FL_ADDRESS}].Telephone number(s): [{FL_TEL}]
SC038 Question Looking at card [1], what was [{^FL_HIS_HER}] relationship to you?