BS. Biomarker

BS. Biomarker Module of SHARE 2015

Label Type Description
BS023 Question IWER:Start of a Non-proxy section. No proxy allowed. If the respondent is not present or not capable to give consent to participation on [ his/ her] own, please select '5'. NON PROXY MODULE
BS026 Question NURSE INTRO
BS027 Question What is the best way the nurse could contact you to arrange her visit?
BS003 Question Thank you. We will continue with the interview.
BS001 Question Before we begin, I would like to have you read this information sheet.
BS025 Question We now move on to the collection of blood samples we explained to you in our information letter.
BS002 Question Do you have any further questions?
BS004 Question IWER:Please enter the k ind of analyses which R does not permitType "NONE" if respondent does not mention any analyses which should not be done.
BS008 Question IWER: Please be aware: if respondent takes blood thinning medication, it may take longer time to stop the bleeding. In this case make the respondent elevate his/her hand and have gauze pads available.
BS009 Question IWER:Enter barcode from barcode label into capi
BS010 Question IWER:Repeat barcodenumber
BS011 Question Thank you for your cooperation.This concludes the Dried Blood Spot portion of the interview.Before we continue with the interview, I need a moment to enter a few pieces of information in the computer.
BS012 Question IWER:What, if any, problems occured during the collection of the blood sample? {CodeAll}
BS022 Question IWER:Please specify. OTHER PROBLEMS
BS013 Question IWER:Who pricked the respondent's finger(s)? WHO PRICKED
BS014 Question IWER: How many pricks have been made? HOW MANY PRICKS
BS015 Question IWER:How many circles on the cards could be filled?
BS016 Question IWER:How compliant was R during this measurement?/
BS021 Question Do you wish to be informed [OR country-specific: Do you wish to be informed via your general practitioner] about blood results if a value lies outside the normal range?