Label Type Description
EXB001 Question What was the date on which R died?
EXB002 Question Is your answer to EXB001 based on the solar or the lunar calendar?
EXB003 Question At the time of death, was R in a hospital, in a nursing home, at home, in a hospice, or what?
EXB004 Question According to our recorded [permanent address], what is R's permanent address atthe time of death?
EXB005 Question What's the type of R's permanent address before he/she died?
EXB006 Question In what province and county did R die?
EXB007 Question Did R have the death certificate?
EXB008 Question In what province and county did R's death certificate filed?
EXB009 Question Was the death expected at about the time it occurred, or was it unexpected?
EXB010 Question About how long was it between the start of the final illness and the death: was it one or two hours, less than a day, less than a week, less than a month, less than a year, or was it more than a year?
EXB011 Question At the time R died, was R married to someone else?
EXB012 Question If the exit R lived in a hospice at time of death, up until [he/she] went into the hospice were [he/she] and [his/her] (new) [husband wife/partner] living together in a house or apartment?
EXB013 Question If the exit R lived in a nursing home at time of death, at the time of [his/her] death were [he/she] and [his/her] (new) [husband/wife partner]]living in the same nursing home or health care facility ?
EXB014 Question Have R's household registration cancelled?
EXB015 Question What's the reason of not cancel?