Section L: Self-Management

Section L: Self-Management Module of 2003 Mail Survey On Diabetes

Label Type Description
L1A Question The questions below ask you about your diabetes self-care activities during the past seven days. If you were sick during the past seven days, please think back to the last seven days that you were not sick. On how many of the last seven days did you: (Circle one answer for each line.) Take your recommended insulin or diabetes pills
L1B Question Take all your recommended doses of insulin or number of diabetes pills
L1C Question Follow a healthful eating plan
L1D Question Eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables
L1E Question Eat high fat foods such as red meat or full-fat dairy products
L1F Question Eat two or more servings of snack or dessert foods such as chips, cookies, cake, or pie
L1G Question Test your blood sugar as often as your doctor has recommended
L2A Question Over the past six months, how difficult has it been to do each of the following exactly as the doctor who takes care of your diabetes suggested? (Please circle one answer for each line.) Taking diabetes medications (pillsand/or insulin)
L2B Question Exercising regularly
L2C Question Following your recommended eating plan
L2D Question Checking your blood sugar
L2E Question Checking your feet for wounds or sores
L2F Question Taking medication for blood pressure
L2G Question Seeing your doctors or other providers
L3 Question Overall, what grade would you give yourself on your diabetes self-care in the past six months? (Mark one.)