Section G: Impact of Diabetes in your Life

Section G: Impact of Diabetes in your Life Module of 2003 Mail Survey On Diabetes

Label Type Description
G1A Question The next questions are about problem areas in diabetes that you may experience. Which of the following diabetes issues are currently a problem for you? (Circle one answer for each line.) Finding money to pay for medication and supplies
G1B Question Not keeping up with commitments at work or at home because of diabetes
G1C Question Not having clear and concrete goals for your diabetes care
G1D Question Feeling discouraged with your diabetes treatment plan
G1E Question Coping with complications of diabetes you have now
G1F Question Feelings of deprivation regarding food and meals (not being able to eat all of what you want)
G1G Question Uncomfortable interactions with family or friends
G1H Question Feeling overwhelmed by your diabetes regimen
G1I Question Worrying about low blood sugar reactions
G1J Question Worrying about the future and the possibility of serious complications