Section F: Blood Sugar Monitoring

Section F: Blood Sugar Monitoring Module of 2003 Mail Survey On Diabetes

Label Type Description
F1 Question According to your doctor or nurse, how often should you test your blood sugar? (Mark one.)
F2 Question In a typical month how often do you miss your scheduled testing? (Mark one.) (qxf2)
F3A Question When you do miss scheduled testings, how often is it because: (Circle one answer for each line.) You forgot
F3B Question You don't believe it is useful
F3C Question It is hard to find the right time or place
F3D Question You don't like to do it
F3E Question You ran out of test materials
F3F Question It costs too much
F3G Question You can't do it by yourself
F3H Question It hurts to prick your finger
F4 Question In the past 12 months, has your health care provider recommended changes in your insulin or pill dose on the basis of your home blood tests? (Mark one.)
F5 Question Have you been taught to change your insulin dose on the basis of your blood sugar tests? (Mark one.)