Section D: Family and Social Situation

Section D: Family and Social Situation Module of 2003 Mail Survey On Diabetes

Label Type Description
D1A Question I think it is important for me to: (Circle one answer for each line.) Follow my meal plan carefully
D1B Question Take my medicine as recommended
D1C Question Take care of my feet
D1D Question Get enough physical activity
D1E Question Test my sugar as recommended
D1F Question Go to the doctor or nurse for all my appointments
D1G Question Keep my weight under control
D1H Question Handle my feelings about diabetes
D2A Question Following my meal plan
D2B Question Taking my medicine
D2C Question Taking care of my feet
D2D Question Getting enough physical activity
D2E Question Testing my sugar
D2F Question Going to the doctor or nurse
D2G Question Keeping my weight under control
D2H Question Handling my feelings about diabetes
D3 Question Besides your health care providers, who helps you the most in caring for your diabetes? (Mark one.)